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A rare case of unerupted second deciduous molar located inferior to the second premolar: case report

Type:  Articles

Pubblication date:  09/2012

Authors:  R. Ferro*, A. Besostri*, E. Stellini**, G. Denotti***, A. Canesso****

Language:  English

Institution:  * Dental Unit, Cittadella Hospital, Cittadella (PD), Italy ** Department of Paediatric dentistry Padua University *** Department of Paediatric Dentistry Cagliari University **** Department of Clinical Pathology, Cittadella Hospital, Cittadella (PD), Italy

Publication:  European Journal of Paediatic Dentistry

Publisher:  Ariesdue Srl

Keywords:  Deciduous teeth, Inclusion, Inversion.

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Title:  A rare case of unerupted second deciduous molar located inferior to the second premolar: case report

Abstract:  Background Tooth eruption is defined as the movement of a tooth from its site of development within the alveolar process to its functional position in the oral cavity [Massler et al., 1941]. The process of tooth eruption can be divided into different phases: pre-eruptive bone stage, alveolar bone stage, mucosal stage, preocclusal stage, occlusal stage and maturation stage [Andreasen et al., 1997]. Any disturbance in these phases can lead to eruptive anomalies. The incidence of unerupted teeth is usually higher among permanent teeth than among deciduous ones [Walker et al., 2004; Otsuka et al., 2001; Amir et al., 1982; Broadway, 1976; Pinborg et al., 1970]. Of the primary teeth reported as unerupted, second primary molars are the teeth most frequently involved [Walker et al., 2004; Otsuka et al., 2001; Bianchi et al., 1991; Ranta et al., 1988; Tsukamoto et al., 1986; Amir et al., 1982], followed by primary central incisors [Otsuka et al., 2001]. Case report This paper presents a case of inversion of the intraosseous position of a second unerupted deciduous molar and the succedaneous second premolar.

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