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G. Conti, L. Franchi, M. Camporesi, E. Defraia
Treatment protocol for the impaction of deciduous maxillary anterior teeth due to compound odontoma
- Publication date 12/2012
A. Topkara1, Z. Sari2
Impacted teeth in a turkish orthodontic patient population: prevalence, distribution and relationship with dental arch characteristics
- Publication date 12/2012
M. Picciotti1, L. Di Vece2, S. Parrini3, M. Pettini4, G. Lorenzini5
Replantation of tooth involved in dentigerous cyst: a case report
- Publication date 12/2012
R. Sasaki1-3, N. Takanashi2, T. Chigono2
Transplantation of a tooth involved in dentigerous cyst
- Publication date 12/2012
Y. Liang, Y Sh. Yang1, Y. Zhang
Retrospective analysis of ten cases of congenital sublingual teratoid cyst
- Publication date 12/2012
P. F. Lugliè, V. Grabesu, G. Spano, A. Lumbau
Accessory foramina in the furcation area of primary molars. A SEM investigation
- Publication date 12/2012
M.F. Al-Otaibi1, F. Al-Mamari2, J.K.Baskaradoss3
Oral health status of 12-year-old school children in Yemen. A cross- sectional survey
- Publication date 12/2012
S. Saccomanno, G. Antonini, L. D’Alatri1, M. D’Angelantonio2, A. Fiorita1, R. Deli
Causal relationship between malocclusion and oral muscles dysfunction: a model of approach
- Publication date 12/2012
A. Sohrabi1, M. Amini2, B. M. Afzali3, A. Ghasemi4, A. Sohrabi3, S. M. Vahid Pakdel6
Microtensile bond strength of self-etch adhesives in different surface conditionings
- Publication date 12/2012
F. García-Hoyos*, E. Barbería**, P. García-Camba***, M. Varela***
Renal fluoride excretion in children following topical application of fluoride varnish
- Publication date 12/2012
A. Silvestrini-Biavati*, G. Alberti**, F. Silvestrini-Biavati**, A. Signori***, A. Castaldo****, M. Migliorati*
Early functional treatment in Class II division 1 subjects with mandibular retrognathia using Fränkel II appliance. A prospective controlled study
- Publication date 12/2012
R. Biagi1, A. Craparo2, F. Trovato2, A.C. Butti2, A. Salvato2
Diagnosis of dental and mandibular asymmetries in children according to Levandoski Panoramic Analysis
- Publication date 12/2012
L. Levrini1*, L. Tettamanti1*, G.M. Abbate1*, M.P. Caria2-3, A. Caprioglio3
pH of tooth surface in healthy adolescents at rest and after a glucose rinse: effect of 72 hours of plaque accumulation
- Publication date 12/2012
T. Tüzüner1, A. Alacam2, D. A. Altunbas3, F. G. Gokdogan3, E. Gundogdu3
Clinical and radiographic outcomes of direct pulp capping therapy in primary molar teeth following haemostasis with various antiseptics: a randomised controlled trial
- Publication date 12/2012
G. Falcolini
Tooth brushing before or after meals?
- Publication date 12/2012
G.F. Ferrazzano, M. Coda, T. Cantile, G. Sangianantoni, A. Ingenito
SEM investigation on casein phosphopeptides capability in contrasting cola drinks enamel erosion: an in vitro preliminary study
- Publication date 12/2012
C. Gallo, A. Marcato, M. Beghetto, E. Stellini*
Dental treatment in Angelman syndrome patients. 8 Case reports
- Publication date 12/2012
A. A. Vallejos-Sánchez1, C. E. Medina-Solís2, M. Minaya-Sánchez1, J. J. Villalobos-Rodelo,3,4 M. L. Márquez-Corona2, H. Islas-Granillo2, G. Maupomé5,6
Maternal characteristics and treatment needs as predictors of dental health services utilisation among Mexican school children
- Publication date 12/2012
D. Tripodi*, V. Perrotti**, M. Latrofa*, S. D’Ercole*, L. Artese**, A. Piattelli**
Management of compound odontoma in a 10-year-old girl preserving the associated impacted permanent tooth
- Publication date 10/2012
E. Salomon, S. Mazzoleni, S. Sivolella, F. Cocilovo, D. Gregori, M.R. Giuca, R. Ferro
Age limit for infiltration anaesthesia for the conservative treatment of mandibular first molars. A clinical study on a paediatric population
- Publication date 10/2012

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