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M. Costacurta, L. Di Renzo*, L. Sicuro**, S. Gratteri***, A. De Lorenzo*, R. Docimo
Dental caries and childhood obesity: analysis of food intakes, lifestyle
- Publication date 12/2014
V. Grassia, F. d’Apuzzo, D. Di Stasio, A. Jamilian**, A. Lucchese, L. Perillo*
Upper and lower arch changes after Mixed Palatal Expansion protocol
- Publication date 12/2014
F. Öznurhan , T. Tüzüner*, O. Baygin*, M. Unal, A. Kapdan, C. Ozturk
Accuracy of three different apex locators and visual exam in primary teeth with and without root resorption in vitro
- Publication date 12/2014
A. Corica, A. Caprioglio
Meta-analysis of the prevalence of tooth wear in primary dentition
- Publication date 12/2014
T.C.L. Coutinho*, C. da Rocha Costa**
An in vivo comparison of radiographic and clinical examination with separation for assessment of approximal caries in primary teeth
- Publication date 12/2014
S. Mummolo, M. Tieri, S. Tecco, A. Mattei, F. Albani, M.R. Giuca, G. Marzo
Clinical evaluation of salivary indices and levels of Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus in patients treated with Occlus-o-Guide
- Publication date 12/2014
Y. Kaihara*, A. Katayama**, S. Iwamae***, T. Kihara**, K. Ono**, M. Kurose**, H. Amano****, H. Nikawa**, K. Kozai*****
Application of three-dimensional digital models for the morphometric analysis of predentition plasters: accuracy and precision
- Publication date 12/2014
I. Tanboga, M.A. Durhan, B. Durmus, L.A.M. Marks*
Temporomandibular disorders in young people with an intellectual disability: prevalence of signs and symptoms
- Publication date 12/2014
G. Falcolini
The end of a Chapter
- Publication date 12/2014
V. Harila*, L. P. Ylikontiola**, G. K. Sándor**
Dental arch relationships assessed by GOSLON Yardstick in children with clefts in Northern Finland
- Publication date 12/2014
E. Spinas*, M. Aresu, L. Giannetti**
Use of mouth guard in basketball: observational study of a group of teenagers with and without motivational reinforcement
- Publication date 12/2014
E. Haznedaroglu, S. Sozkes*, A.R. Mentes
Microhardness evaluation of enamel adjacent to an improved GIC sealant after different enamel pre-treatment procedures
- Publication date 12/2014
C. Grippaudo, E. G. Paolantonio, F. Pantanali, G. Antonini, R. Deli
Early orthodontic treatment: a new index to assess the risk of malocclusion in primary dentition
- Publication date 12/2014
Z. M'Barek*-**, Y. Zouari*-**, N. Moalla*-**, E. Zaier*-**, S. Ghoul-Mazgar*-**-***
Souakine mouth rinse solution protects deciduous enamel from simulated erosion in vitro
- Publication date 12/2014
E. Cumbo, A. Cacioppo, G. Gallina, P. Messina, R. Russo, G. A. Scardina
In vivo evaluation of periodontal microcirculatory changes associated with endodontic treatment
- Publication date 12/2014
A. Gianolio*, C. Cherchi*, V. Lanteri
Rapid and slow maxillary expansion: a posteroanterior cephalometric study
- Publication date 12/2014
G. Cossellu, R. Biagi, L. Pisani, V. Barbieri, G. Farronato
Relationship between mandibular second molar calcification stages and cervical vertebrae maturity in Italian children and young adults
- Publication date 12/2014
S. Rajasekharan*, L. Martens*, C. Vanhove**, J. Aps***
In vitro analysis of extracted dens invaginatus using various radiographic imaging techniques
- Publication date 09/2014
C. Cardoso Silva*, M. Maroto Edo, M. Soledad Álvaro Llorente, E. Barbería Leache
Primary molar infraocclusion: frequency, magnitude, root resorption and premolar agenesis in a Spanish sample
- Publication date 09/2014
G. Falcolini
A new tool for our journal
- Publication date 09/2014

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