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I. Chase*, R.J. Berkowitz**, H.M. Proskin**, P. Weinstein***, R. Billings**
Clinical outcomes for Early Childhood Caries (ECC): the influence of health locus of control
- Publication date 06/2004
A. Stevens*, R. Freeman**
The role of the mother-child interaction as a factor in nursing caries (ECC): a preliminary communication
- Publication date 06/2004
N. Attari, J.F. Roberts
Restoration of primary teeth affected by Early Childhood Caries
- Publication date 06/2004
V. Birardi, L. Bossi, C. Dinoi
Use of the Nd:YAG laser in the treatment of Early Childhood Caries
- Publication date 06/2004
C.H. Priovolou, A.P. Vanderas, L. Papagiannoulis
A comparative study on the prevalence of enamel defects and dental caries in children and adolescents with and without coeliac disease
- Publication date 06/2004
P. Kõll-Klais*, R. Mändar**, E. Leibur*, M. Kjaeldgaard***
High levels of salivary lactobacilli in Estonian schoolchildren
- Publication date 06/2004
C.M.K. Benz, A.M.T. Reeka-Bartschmid, F.G. Agostini
Case report: the Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
- Publication date 06/2004
R. Balmer, E.A. O’Sullivan, M.A. Pollard, M.E.J. Curzon
Anxiety related to dental general anaesthesia: changes in anxiety in children and their parents
- Publication date 03/2004
A. Manakou*, K. Kavvadia*, S. Silvestros**, E. Angelopoulou***
Subgingival foreign body embedment in a preschool child: management with three and a half years follow-up
- Publication date 03/2004
H. Björnström, S. Naji, D. Simic, I. Sjöström, S. Twetman
Fluoride levels in saliva and dental plaque after consumption of snacks prepared with fluoridated salt
- Publication date 03/2004
J. Foley, D.J.P. Evans
Surgical removal of supernumerary teeth and the fate of incisor eruption
- Publication date 03/2004
D. Glavina*, I. Skrinjaric*, S. Mahovic*, M. Majstorovic**
Surface quality of Cerec CAD/CAM ceramic veneers treated with four different polishing systems
- Publication date 03/2004
P. Cozza*, R. Gatto**, F. Ballanti*, L. Prete*
Management of obstructive sleep apnoea in children with modified monobloc appliances
- Publication date 03/2004
M.O. Folayan*, E.E. Idehen**, O.O. Ojo***
Dental anxiety in a subpopulation of African children: parents ability to predict and its relation to general anxiety and behaviour in the dental chair
- Publication date 03/2004
C. Goumans*, J.S.J. Veerkamp*, I.H.A. Aartman**
Dental anxiety and behavioural problems: what is their influence on the treatment plan?
- Publication date 03/2004

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