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R.A.E. Bryan*, B.O.I. Cole**, R.R. Welbury*
Retrospective analysis of factors influencing the eruption of delayed permanent incisors after supernumerary tooth removal
- Publication date 06/2005
F. Albani**, I. Ballesio*, V. Campanella*, G. Marzo**
Pit and fissure sealants: results at five and ten years
- Publication date 06/2005
Attitudes of Swedish dentists to pain and pain management during dental treatment of children and adolescents
- Publication date 06/2005
P.C. Calderara*, P.M. Gerthoux**, P. Mocarelli**, P.-L. Lukinmaa***, P.L. Tramacere**, S. Alaluusua****
The prevalence of Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation (MIH) in a group of Italian school children
- Publication date 06/2005
P. Cozza*, G. Stirpe, R. Condò, M. Donatelli
Craniofacial and body growth: a cross-sectional anthropometric pilot study on children during prepubertal period
- Publication date 06/2005
A.A. Al-Dashti*, P.A. Cook**, M.E.J. Curzon*
A comparative study on methods of measuring mesiodistal tooth diameters for interceptive orthodontic space analysis
- Publication date 06/2005
A.G. Antonio, L.G. Primo, L.C. Maia
Case report: ultrasonic cavity preparation - an alternative approach for caries removal in paediatric dentistry
- Publication date 06/2005
M. Gordon*, C. Gorfil*, S. Segal**, E. Mass***
Treatment policies among Israeli specialists in paediatric dentistry
- Publication date 06/2005
Intraligamental analgesia for post-operative pain control in children having dental extractions under general anaesthesia
- Publication date 03/2005
E. Mass*, M. Lapidot**, N. Gadoth***
Case report: multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B misdiagnosed as familial dysautonomia
- Publication date 03/2005
Erosion of the teeth: prevalence and distribution in a group of Danish school children
- Publication date 03/2005
T. Coolidge*, M. Heima**, L.J. Heaton***, Y. Nakai**, Ó. Höskuldsson****, T.A. Smith*****, P. Weinstein*, P. Milgrom*
The Child Dental Control Assessment (CDCA) in youth: reliability, validity and cross-cultural differences
- Publication date 03/2005
M. Majstorovic*, J.S.J. Veerkamp**
Developmental changes in dental anxiety in a normative population of Dutch children
- Publication date 03/2005
J. Foley
Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation: what do patients, carers and dentists think about it?
- Publication date 03/2005
M.S. Skeie*, I. Espelid**, A.B. Skaare**, A. Gimmestad***
Caries patterns in an urban preschool population in Norway
- Publication date 03/2005

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