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C. Grippaudo, E.G. Paolantonio, R. Deli, G. La Torre
Orthodontic treatment need in the Italian child population
- Publication date 06/2008
G: Falcolini
- Publication date 06/2008
F. Ballanti*, R. Lione*, V. Fiaschetti**, E. Fanucci**, P. Cozza*
Low-dose CT protocol for orthodontic diagnosis
- Publication date 06/2008
A. Lumbau, S. Sale, G. Chessa
Ages of eruption: study on a sample of 204 Italian children aged 6 to 24 months
- Publication date 06/2008
R. Kornblit*-**, D. Trapani*, M. Bossù*, M. Muller-Bolla***, J.P. Rocca**, A. Polimeni*
The use of Erbium:YAG laser for caries removal in paediatric patients following Minimally Invasive Dentistry concepts
- Publication date 06/2008
S. Mummolo, E. Marchetti, S. Di Martino, L. Scorzetti, G. Marzo
Aggressive periodontitis: laser Nd:YAG treatment versus conventional surgical therapy
- Publication date 06/2008
Fluoride varnish application: a new prophylactic method in Albania. Effect on enamel carious lesions in permanent dentition
- Publication date 06/2008
G. Lo Giudice, V. Nigrone, A. Longo, M. Cicciù
Supernumerary and supplemental teeth: case report
- Publication date 06/2008
F. González-Salazar*, R. Márquez-Preciado**, N. Nava-Zárate***, H. H. Torre-Martínez**
Comparison of triple image area using panoramic radiography of child and adult dry skull
- Publication date 06/2008
R. Deli, L.A. Macrì, M. De Luca, F. Torsello, C. Grippaudo
Satisfaction with dental appearance in 8-9 years-old children. Validation of COAS questionnaire for Italian-speaking children and evaluation of social and geographical context
- Publication date 03/2008
G. Falcolini
Editorial: "What is acceptance?"
- Publication date 03/2008
Y. Fujita, T. Takahashi, K. Maki
Orthodontic treatment for an unerupted and severely rotated maxillary central incisor. A case report
- Publication date 03/2008
A. Monaco*, V. Cozzolino*, R. Cattaneo*, T. Cutilli**, A. Spadaro*
Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) effects on mandibular kinetics: kinesiographic study
- Publication date 03/2008
G. Ierardo, V. Luzzi, A. Vestri*, G.L. Sfasciotti, A. Polimeni
Evaluation of customer satisfaction at the Department of Paediatric Dentistry of “Sapienza” University of Rome
- Publication date 03/2008
R. Mourelle, E. Barbería, N. Gallardo, T. Lucavechi
Correlation between dental maturation and bone growth markers in paediatric patients
- Publication date 03/2008
S. Arcari, R. Ferro
Preschool children and relative analgesia: satisfaction grading through a verbal questionnaire
- Publication date 03/2008
M. D. Genovese, G. Olivi
Laser in paediatric dentistry: patient acceptance of hard and soft tissue therapy
- Publication date 03/2008

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