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R. Cucurullo*, I. Giannuzzi*, A. Clivio**, R. Biagi***
Management of unilateral condylar fracture in a 9.6-year-old female
- Publication date 06/2009
G.F. Ferrazzano, S. Orlando, G. Sangianantoni, T. Cantile, A. Ingenito
Dental and periodontal health status in children affected by cystic fibrosis in a southern Italian region
- Publication date 06/2009
R. Kornblit*-**, M. Boss¨*, D. Mari*, J.P. Rocca**, A. Polimeni*
Enamel and dentine of deciduous teeth Er:YAG laser prepared. A SEM study
- Publication date 06/2009
M.S. Knirsch, C.C. Bonifßcio, A.M. Shimaoka, A.P. Andrade, R.C.R. Carvalho
Bonding effectiveness of different adhesion approaches to unground versus ground primary tooth enamel
- Publication date 06/2009
A. M. Hazza'a, M. A. Rawashdeh, G. Al-Jamal, K. S. Al-Nimri
Dental development in children with cleft lip and palate: a comparison between unilateral and bilateral clefts
- Publication date 06/2009
A.M. Zicari**, F. Albani*, P. Ntrekou*, A. Rugiano**, M. Duse**, A. Mattei***, G. Marzo*
Oral breathing and dental malocclusions
- Publication date 06/2009
Heavy use of dental services among Finnish children and adolescents
- Publication date 03/2009
G. Falcolini
International collaboration
- Publication date 03/2009
N. BŘyŘkakyŘz*, S. Ergun*, M. Soluk**, N. Uyumaz*, H. Tanyeri*
Giant ameloblastic fibroma
- Publication date 03/2009
S. Mickenautsch, V. Yengopal, S.C. Leal*, L.B. Oliveira**,A.C. Bezerra*, M. B÷necker**
Absence of carious lesions at margins of glass-ionomer and amalgam restorations: a meta-analysis
- Publication date 03/2009
G. Olivi*, M.D. Genovese**, C. Caprioglio***
Evidence-based dentistry on laser paediatric dentistry: review and outlook
- Publication date 03/2009
Correlations between transversal discrepancies of the upper maxilla and oral breathing
- Publication date 03/2009
M. Portelli, G. Matarese, A. Militi, R. Nucera, G. Triolo, G. Cordasco
Myotonic dystrophy and craniofacial morphology: clinical and instrumental study
- Publication date 03/2009
D. Migale, E. Barbato, M. Boss¨, R. Ferro*, L. Ottolenghi
Oral health and malocclusion in 10-to-11 years-old children in southern Italy
- Publication date 03/2009

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