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Sara Colombo
Don’t wait for your baby’s birth to take care about his oral health
- Publication date 03/2017
L. Paglia
Caring for baby’s teeth starts before birth
- Publication date 03/2017
H.-J. Kim*-**, Y.-I. Kim***, K.-S. Min**-****
A combined approach with passive and active repositioning of a traumatically intruded immature permanent incisor
- Publication date 03/2017
D. Olczak-Kowalczyk*, M. Danko**, E. Banaś**, D. Gozdowski***, K. Popińska**, E. Krasuska-Sławińska****, J. Książyk**
Parenteral nutrition in childhood and consequences for dentition and gingivae
- Publication date 03/2017
Pierluigi Altea
Timothy Johnston introduces the ANZSPD
- Publication date 03/2017
A. Caprioglio*, T. Grassi**, P. Lorusso***, R. Fastuca****, P. Lucchi*****, M. Rosa******
Cephalometric changes after headgear anchored to the deciduous second molars in the early mixed dentition
- Publication date 03/2017
P. Fernandes, J. Pinto, J. Ustrell-Torrent
Relationship between oro and nasopharynx permeability and the direction of facial growth
- Publication date 03/2017
A. Mendoza-Mendoza, C. Caleza-Jiménez, B. Solano-Mendoza, A. Iglesias-Linares*
Are there any differences between first and second primary molar pulpectomy prognoses? A retrospective clinical study
- Publication date 03/2017
V. Boka*-**, K. Arapostathis*, V. Karagiannis***, N. Kotsanos*, C. van Loveren**, J. Veerkamp**
Dental fear and caries in 6-12 year old children in Greece. Determination of dental fear cut-off points
- Publication date 03/2017
E. Ambu, M. Fimiani, M. Vigna*, S. Grandini
Use of bioactive materials and limited fov cbct in the treatment of a replanted permanent tooth affected by inflammatory external root resorption: a case report
- Publication date 03/2017
F. Khouja*, M. Abdelaziz*, T. Bortolotto**, I. Krejci***
Intra-pulpal and subsurface temperature rise during tooth irradiation with 808 nm diode laser: an in vitro study
- Publication date 03/2017
S. Rajasekharan , L. Martens, L. Domingues, R. Cauwels
SCN9A channelopathy associated autosomal recessive Congenital Indifference to Pain. A case report
- Publication date 03/2017
M. Lacarbonara*, V. Lacarbonara, A.P. Cazzolla, V. Spinelli, V. Crincoli, M.G. Lacaita, M. Capogreco*
Odontomas in developmental age: confocal laser scanning microscopy analysis of a case
- Publication date 03/2017
C. Caprioglio* G. Olivi** M. D. Genovese***
Paediatric laser dentistry. Part 1: General introduction
- Publication date 03/2017
A. Pozos-Guillén, D. Chavarría-Bolaños*, A. Garrocho-Rangel
Split-mouth design in Paediatric Dentistry clinical trials
- Publication date 03/2017
Luigi Paglia
Caring for baby’s teeth starts before birth
- Publication date 01/2017

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