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G. Begnoni1, M. Cadenas de Llano-Pérula2, C. Dellavia3, G. Willems4
Cephalometric traits in children and adolescents with and without atypical swallowing: A retrospective study
- Publication date 03/2020
G.F. Ferrazzano*-**, C. Salerno**, C. Bravaccio***, A. Ingenito**, G. Sangianantoni**, T. Cantile**
Autism spectrum disorders and oral health status: review of the literature
- Publication date 03/2020
E. Meriç*, B. Bolgül**, N. Duran***, E. Ay***
Evaluation of oral streptococci in saliva of children with severe Early Childhood Caries and caries-free
- Publication date 03/2020
A. Toratti, M.-L. Laitala, A. Kemppainen, P. Pesonen, V. Anttonen
The effect of a brief computer-assisted intervention on oral health-related behaviours among adolescents
- Publication date 03/2020
A. Sogukpinar*, V. Arikan**
Comparative evaluation of four endodontic biomaterials and calcium hydroxide regarding their effect on fracture resistance of simulated immature teeth
- Publication date 03/2020
E. Wuollet, B. Tseveenjav, J. Furuholm, J. Waltimo-Sirén*, H. Valen**, A. Mulic**, V. Ansteinsson***, M.-M. Uhlen***
Restorative material choices for extensive carious lesions and hypomineralisation defects in children: a questionnaire survey among Finnish dentists
- Publication date 03/2020
C. Capurro, A. R. Martino, G. D. Chiappe, E. Merlino, N. Laffi
Oral surgery in paediatric dentistry: type of surgical treatment and age distribution in a Public Dental Service in Northern Italy
- Publication date 03/2020
G. Begnoni1, M. Cadenas de Llano-Pérula2, C. Dellavia3, G. Willems4
Cephalometric traits in children and adolescents with and without atypical swallowing: A retrospective study
- Publication date 03/2020
M.R. Giuca, L. Lardani, M. Pasini, M. Beretta*, G. Gallusi**, V. Campanella**
State-of-the-art on MIH. Part. 1 Definition and aepidemiology
- Publication date 03/2020
F. Stolbizer, V. Cripovich, A. Paolini
Macrodontia associated with growth-hormone therapy: a case report and review of the literature
- Publication date 03/2020
R. Aiuto, V. Torchia*, S. De Giorgio*, L. Paglia*
Survey on women’s awareness of the importance of oral hygiene during pregnancy for the health of the mother and her unborn child: Observational aepidemiological study
- Publication date 03/2020
H. Bulut, G. Bulut*
A step to infant oral health promotion intervention among parents
- Publication date 03/2020
G. Favia, L. Limongelli, A. Tempesta, E. Maiorano*, S. Capodiferro
Oral lesions as first clinical manifestations of Crohn’s disease in paediatric patients: a report on 8 cases
- Publication date 03/2020
M. Costacurta, M. Epis, R. Docimo
Evaluation of DMFT in paediatric patients with social vulnerability conditions
- Publication date 03/2020
M.S. Mourad, J. Brendebach, M. Alkilzy, C. H. Splieth
Choosing a paediatric dentist: Factors influencing parents' decision
- Publication date 03/2020
V. Lanteri, C. Maspero, P. Cavone, V. Marchio*, M. Farronato
Relationship between molar deciduous teeth infraocclusion and mandibular growth: A case-control study
- Publication date 03/2020
L. Paglia
Children diagnosed with “ASD” are first of all … children
- Publication date 01/2020

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