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More pages, more articles

Type:  Abstract

Pubblication date:  /1/2012

Authors:  G. Falcolini

Language:  English

Publication:  european Journal of Paediatic Dentistry

Publisher:  ariesdue Srl

Title:  More pages, more articles

Abstract:  Last year the EJPD underwent several transformations. With the awarding of the Impact Factor we wished to increase the number of pages of the journal, and we had to choose between two options: to publish either six 48-page issues (for a total of 292 pages) or four 80-page issues (for a total of 320 pages) per year. Gladly our owner (SIOI) opted for the latter. In this way the number of pages per issue has increased over the years from 48 to 64 and finally to 80. We can now devote 65 pages per issue to about 15 research articles plus 10 pages for case reports, with a cap of 3 case reports per issue: a total of about 72 articles per year. As a result we can accept an increase in submitted articles without extending the waiting time for accepted papers. However, last year more articles were submitted for publication (204!), compared to the average of 100 in the past years. Some of these papers are included in the current issue in addition to other ones that had been on the waiting list for a longer time. In the current issue we are publishing articles that are too long, and this prevented us from implementing the announced changes right away. Therefore for the future we kindly ask our authors to submit shorter manuscripts, which is the only way to guarantee the publishing of more articles. We open the present issue of the journal with a paper about aesthetics in children underlying its importance even at an early age: the time of stainless steel crowns of the front teeth is a thing of the past. In addition, orthodontic topics are also published: clinical findings of electromyographic evaluation in unilateral posterior crossbite, prevention of malocclusions by mixed dentition analysis, correlations between malocclusions and dyslalias, and the outcomes of rapid maxillary expansion in children with OSAS. Prosthodontic appliances can also be employed in primary teeth as shown in the article about screw posts. We also publish articles on oral pathology in childhood: a literature review on carcinoma, distribution and frequency of agenesis of permanent teeth, alveolar bone height in primary dentition related to caries lesions and case reports on solitary incisor, therapeutic strategies related to myofibroma, and oral aspects in cutis marmorata syndrome. In addition, the relationship between social conditions and caries is discussed by Italian authors and a comparison of twins by Norvegian authors is reported. Finally, knowledge of early childhood oral health of Malaysian medical and dental undergraduates was investigated. I hope you will enjoy the read!

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