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The end of a Chapter

Type:  Articles

Pubblication date:  /1/2014

Authors:  G. Falcolini

Language:  English

Publication:  European Journal of Paediatic Dentistry

Publisher:  Ariesdue Srl

Full text:
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Title:  The end of a Chapter

Abstract:  This last editorial marks the end of my appointment as Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. This has been an exciting interlude in my life, which started with the prospect of a short term, right after the highly successful experience of Martin Curzon, and it lasted nine years instead. This period saw a succession of many initiatives in favour of the journal. First of all, I am grateful to the SIOI for the support given to the initiative of sending the journal free of charge to the over 600 university libraries in the world, which enhanced the circulation of the journal, leading to a tremendous increase of citations. The initial 48 pages have almost doubled to the current 80, offering ever-growing opportunities to divulge the contributions of the international research. In particular, the Italian contributions were not overrepresented in order to preserve the international character of the journal. The European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry has now gained great consideration in the international scene. This has been proven by the Impact Factor, which has been continuously reached since 2011. During these nine years Iíve been supported by a very talented staff. In the daily editorial work I am especially grateful to the whole staff of Ariesdue: from its Editorial Director Sergio Porro, of whom Iíve always appreciated the professionalism and the respect for my independence of judgment, to Cristina Calchera, copy editor, who devoted her skillful and unremitting attention to our editorial work. A special help has been constantly given to me by Bruna Della Grisa, Assistant Editor, who ensured the correct language and terminology of all published articles, providing also sound judgments on their merits. Among the closest collaborators of the Editorial Board Iíd like to mention Livia Ottolenghi, with whom I worked closely for many years until her replacement by Gianmaria Ferrazzano with his dedication and competence, while Rita Cawels and Luigi Paglia had decided to limit their cooperation to a short period. However I am glad that Luigi will resume his cooperation with the journal as Editor in Chief starting next year. In the group of Associate Editors Iím grateful to those who supported me right from the start, Elena Barberia and Christian Splieth, and to those that joined the journal at a later time, like Ivo Krejci and Katarzina Emerich. It should also be mentioned the constant contribution of Javotte Nancy and Paulo Rompante, while the collaboration with Christiane Demars and Pierre Baheni ended with their exit from academia due to age limits. With all the above-mentioned colleagues we built a group of friends which I hope will not dissipate, but will continue to be useful to the journal. Special thanks are owed to two sincere friends who have helped me with their sound advice and great expertise: Steve Moss and Franklin Garcia Godoy, leading members of the North American school and for whom we coined the term of Consultant Editors with sincere gratitude. A thanks is due for the competence of the referees who assisted me in the selection of quality articles. I also would like to thank all authors who submitted their manuscripts to the European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry on topics ranging from dental health to epidemiology, from traumatology to interceptive orthodontics, encompassing all areas of paediatric dentistry, thus contributing to widen the scope of the journal. I am grateful for the longstanding partnership with Giuseppe Marzo in his editorial and legal appointments. Iíd also like to mention the Editor Emeritus Maso Caprioglio, with whom many years ago we started our adventure in the international arena of Paediatric Dentistry. Thank you all for these wonderful years, and I remain at disposal of the SIOI for any future editorial collaboration. Giuliano Falcolini

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