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H.D. Rodd*, L.E. Davidson*, P. M. Bateman**, H.D. Lunn***
Caries experience and dental attendance of Somali children living in a British city
- Publication date /4/2002
A. Kakaboura, L. Matthaiou, L. Papagiannoulis
In vitro study of penetration of flowable resin composite and compomer into occlusal fissures
- Publication date /4/2002
M.B. Kowash*, M.E.J. Curzon*, P. Hart**
Association of salivary Streptococcus mutans with caries in young children: effect of dental health education on salivary levels
- Publication date /4/2002
S. Poulsen*, M. Malling Pedersen**
Dental caries in Danish children: 1988-2001
- Publication date /4/2002
B.K. Drummond*, N.P. Chandler**, A.M. Meldrum*
Comparison of the cariogenicity of some processed cheeses
- Publication date /4/2002
J.K.M. Aps*, G.O.G. Van Maele**, L.C. Martens*
Oral hygiene habits and oral health in cystic fibrosis
- Publication date /4/2002
R.R. Welbury*, J.M. Thomason**, J.L. Fitzgerald**, I.N. Steen***, H.E. Foster****
Type and extent of enamel defects in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)
- Publication date /4/2002
M.S. Duggal*, A. Nooh*, A. High**
Response of the primary pulp to inflammation: a review of the Leeds studies and challenges for the future
- Publication date /3/2002
I. Ballesio*, V. Campanella*, G. Gallusi*, G. Marzo**
Chemical and pharmacological shaping of necrotic primary teeth
- Publication date /3/2002
L. Papagiannoulis
Clinical studies on ferric sulphate as a pulpotomy medicament in primary teeth
- Publication date /3/2002
P. Cleaton-Jones*, M. Duggal**, R. Parak*, S. William*, S. Setze***
Ferric sulphate and formocresol pulpotomies in baboon primary molars: histological responses
- Publication date /3/2002
A.B. Fuks
Current concepts in vital primary pulp therapy
- Publication date /3/2002
S. Honkala*, E. Honkala**, E. Kuzmina***, T. Smirnova***, G. Meyer****, C. Splieth****
Caries experience and treatment response among groups of Finnish, German and Russian children. A retrospective study between 1995 and 1989
- Publication date /2/2002
M.G. Brosnan, M.E.J. Curzon, S.A. Fayle
The use of the local analgesia syringe in children. Should it be kept out of sight? A clinical trial of two methods of presentation
- Publication date /2/2002
M. Ten Berge* **, J.S.J. Veerkamp*, J. Hoogstraten** ***, P.J.M. Prins****
On the structure of childhood dental fear, using the Dental Subscale of the Children’s Fear Survey Schedule
- Publication date /2/2002
M.R. Giuca*, P. Mazza*, E. Marrapese*, G. Cesaretti** A. Calderazzi***, D. Carafoli***, G. Saggese**
A comparison between radiographic and sonographic assessment of hand and wrist bones for the estimation of skeletal age in the child patient
- Publication date /2/2002
Diastemas in primary dentition and their relationships to sex, age and dental occlusion
- Publication date /2/2002
R.A.E. Bryan, R.R. Welbury
Infraocclusion: a case report with an unexpected outcome
- Publication date /2/2002
A.M. Zagdwon, K.J. Toumba, M.E.J. Curzon
The prevalence of developmental enamel defects in permanent molars in a group of English school children
- Publication date /2/2002
V.E.V.M. Beentjes, K.L. Weerheijm, H.J. Groen
Factors involved in the aetiology of molar-incisor hypomineralisation (MIH)
- Publication date /1/2002

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