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G.F. Ferrazzano, T. Cantile, A. Ingenito, L. Chianese*, M. Quarto*
New strategies in dental caries prevention: experimental study on casein phosphopeptides
- Publication date /4/2007
L. Bevilacqua, A. Sossi, M. Cadenaro, R. Di Lenarda
Comparative evaluation of the microhardness of 4 dental sealants
- Publication date /4/2007
M.S. Amlani, F. Inocencio, S. HATIBOVIC-KOFMAN
Lateral incisor root resorption and active orthodontic treatment in the early mixed dentition
- Publication date /4/2007
E. Spinas, A. Savasta
Prevention of traumatic dental lesions: cognitive research on the role of mouthguards during sport activities in paediatric age
- Publication date /4/2007
R. Ferro*, A. Besostri*, A. Olivieri**, E. Stellini****, S. Mazzoleni***
Preschoolers’ dental caries experience and its trend over 20 years in a North-East Italian Health district
- Publication date /4/2007
L. Ottolenghi*, M. Muller-Bolla**, L. Strohmenger***, D. Bourgeois****
Oral Health Indicators for Children and Adolescents. European perspectives
- Publication date /4/2007
G. Falcolini
Editorial: "One more year… with some news"
- Publication date /4/2007
L. Levrini, P. Merlo, L. Paracchini
Different geometric patterns of pacifiers compared on the basis of finite element analysis
- Publication date /4/2007
G. Falcolini
Editorial: "Main subjects and web site"
- Publication date /3/2007
G.F. Ferrazzano, G. Iodice, T. Cantile, A. Ingenito
Scanning electron microscopic study of air abrasion effects on human dentine
- Publication date /3/2007
G. Olivi, M. Costacurta, P. Maturo, R. Docimo
Removal of fibrous epulis with Er,Cr:YSGG laser: case report
- Publication date /3/2007
G. Campus1, S.G. Condò2, G. Di Renzo3, R. Ferro4, R. Gatto5, M.R. Giuca6, G. Giuliana7, A. Majorana8, G. Marzo5, L. Ottolenghi9, S. Petti9, G. Piana10, S. Pizzi11, A. Polimeni9, A. Pozzi12, P.L. Sapelli8, A. Ugazio13
National Italian Guidelines for caries prevention in 0 to 12 years-old children
- Publication date /3/2007
S. Mazzoleni*, M. De Francesco*, D. Perazzolo*, L. Favero**, E. Bressan****, R. Ferro***, E. Stellini****
Comparative evaluation of different techniques of surface preparation for occlusal sealing
- Publication date /3/2007
K. Emerich, B. Adamowicz-Klepalska
Dental caries among 12-year-old children in northern Poland between 1987 and 2003
- Publication date /3/2007
Epidemiology and aetiology of malocclusion among Syrian paediatric patients
- Publication date /3/2007
C. Grippaudo, E. G. Paolantonio, R. Deli, G. La Torre*
Validation of the Risk Of Malocclusion Assessment (ROMA) index
- Publication date /3/2007
A. Monaco*, R. Cattaneo*, M.C. Marci*, G. Marzo**, R. Gatto***, m. Giannoni****
Neuromuscular diagnosis in orthodontics: effects of TENS on maxillo-mandibular relationship
- Publication date /3/2007
P. Cozza, S. Di Girolamo*, F. Ballanti, F. Panfilio
Orthodontist-otorhinolaryngologist: an interdisciplinary approach to solve otitis media
- Publication date /2/2007
T. Peric, D. Markovic
In vitro effectiveness of a chemo-mechanical method for caries removal
- Publication date /2/2007
P. Crupi, M. Portelli, G. Matarese, R. Nucera, A. Militi, m. Mazza, G. Cordasco
Correlations between cephalic posture and facial type in patients suffering from breathing obstructive syndrome
- Publication date /2/2007

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