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S. Dall’Oca*, E. Ceppi**, G. Pompa***, A. Polimeni*
X-linked Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia: a ten-year case report and clinical considerations
- Publication date /4/2008
M.G. Guadagni, N. Cetrullo, G. Piana
Cornelia de Lange Syndrome: description of the orofacial features and case report
- Publication date /4/2008
A. Giancotti, M. Greco*
The use of bonded acrylic expander in patient with open-bite and oral breathing
- Publication date /4/2008
G. Gasparini, R. Boniello, A. Moro, G. Zampino*, S. Pelo
Trismus-pseudocamptodactyly syndrome. Case report ten years after
- Publication date /4/2008
C. Wilson, M. Murphy
Conservative management of multiple keratocystic odontogenic tumours in a child with Gorlin-Goltz syndrome: a case report
- Publication date /4/2008
E. Barbería*, C. Hernandez**, V. Miralles**, M. Maroto**
Paediatric patients receiving oncology therapy: review of the literature and oral management guidelines
- Publication date /4/2008
G.F. Ferrazzano, T. Cantile, G. Sangianantoni, A. Ingenito
Effectiveness of a motivation method on the oral hygiene of children
- Publication date /4/2008
A. Silvestri, G. Mariani, R.A. Vernucci
Ramus marginalis mandibulae nervus facialis palsy in hemifacial microsomia
- Publication date /4/2008
M.R. Giuca, M. Pasini, A. Pagano, S. Mummolo, A. Vanni
Longitudinal study on a rehabilitative model for correction of atypical swallowing
- Publication date /4/2008
A. Monaco, R. Cattaneo, A. Spadaro, G. Marzo*
Neuromuscular diagnosis in orthodontics. Effects of TENS on the sagittal maxillo-mandibular relationship
- Publication date /4/2008
G. Falcolini
Balance of the ninth year
- Publication date /4/2008
Oral manifestations of Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome: a paediatric case report
- Publication date /4/2008
M. Montanari, G. Pitzolu, C. Felline, G. Piana
Marginal seal evaluation of different resin sealants used in pits and fissures. An in vitro study
- Publication date /3/2008
A. ZukanoviĆ, A. MuratbegoviĆ, S. Kobašlija, N. MarkoviĆ, M. GanibegoviĆ, E. BešlagiĆ*
Relationships between socioeconomic backgrounds, caries associated microflora and caries experience in 12–year-olds in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004
- Publication date /3/2008
S. Mazzoleni*, E. Stellini**, E. Cavaleri*, A. Angelova Volponi**, R. Ferro***, S. Fochesato Colombani*
Dental caries in children with asthma undergoing treatment with short-acting ß2-agonists
- Publication date /3/2008
A.G. Morgan, J. Owens, Z. Marshman, H.D. Rodd
The case report in 21st century child dental literature
- Publication date /3/2008
G. Spano, G. Campus, A. Bortone, V. Lai, P.F. Luglič
Oral features in Kabuki make-up Syndrome
- Publication date /3/2008
G. Falcolini
Literature review and case report
- Publication date /3/2008
M.C. Vitale, M. Chiesa*, F. Coltellaro, C. Bignardi**, M. Celozzi**, C. Poggio*
FEM analysis of different dental root canal-post systems in young permanent teeth
- Publication date /3/2008
The prevalence and aetiology of Molar-Incisor Hypomineralisation in a group of children in Istanbul
- Publication date /3/2008

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