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P.L. Altea
Nina Sabel introduces the SPF
- Publication date 31/2020
E. Milia*, S. Eramo**, C. D’Arcangelo***, C. Santona****, M. Beretta*****, G. Gallusi******
Paediatric endodontics Part 2: Pulp regeneration: current approaches
- Publication date 31/2020
L. Paglia
Paediatric Dentistry and Covid-19: What’s next?
- Publication date 31/2020
P.L. Altea
Interview with the expert Gladys Opinya
- Publication date 31/2020
D. Caprioglio
In memoriam Jens Ove Andreasen (1935-2020)
- Publication date 31/2020
M. Adobes Martin1, E. Lipani1 , A. Alvarado Lorenzo2, L. Bernes Martinez1, R. Aiuto3, M. Dioguardi4, D. Re3, L. Paglia5, D. Garcovich1
The effect of maxillary protraction, with or without rapid palatal expansion, on airway dimensions: A systematic review and meta-analysis
- Publication date 31/2020
F. Silvestrini-Biavati, L. Lazzarotti, S. Bini, M. Migliorati, A. Ugolini
Maxillary “en masse” high-pull traction in Class II division 1 subjects: Which kind of skeletal outcomes does it produce?
- Publication date 31/2020
G.F. Ferrazzano1,2, M. Quaraniello1, G. Sangianantoni1, A. Ingenito1, T. Cantile1
Clinical effectiveness of inhalation conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen for dental treatment in uncooperative paediatric patients during COVID-19 outbreak
- Publication date 31/2020
D. Schnabl1, L. L. Schanner1, F. Barbieri2, J. Laimer1, E. Bruckmoser3, R. Steiner1, I. Grunert1
Is dental general anaesthesia in children an outdated concept? A retrospective analysis
- Publication date 31/2020
V.P. Wagner1, T. Arrué2, E. Hilgert2, N. A. Arús3, H. L. D. da Silveira3, M. D. Martins4, J. A. Rodrigues2
Prevalence and distribution of dental anomalies in a paediatric population based on panoramic radiographs analysis
- Publication date 31/2020
L. Valpreda1,3, P. Carcieri2,3, M. Cabras2, G. Vecchiati3, P. G. Arduino2, F. Bassi3,4
Frequency and severity of dental caries in foster care children of Turin, Italy: a retrospective cohort study
- Publication date 31/2020
D. Viscuso, M. Storari, M. Aprile, G.Denotti
Temporomandibular Disorders and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Scoping review with a case report
- Publication date 31/2020
P. Hand, G. Olivi, C. Lajolo, G. Gioco, L. Marigo, R. Castagnola, M. Cordaro
Short lingual frenum in infants, children and adolescents. Part 1: Breastfeeding and gastroesophageal reflux disease improvement after tethered oral tissues release
- Publication date 31/2020
V. Merglova¹, J. Dort²
Developmental enamel defects of primary incisors in preterm infants with very low and extremely low birthweight. A case-control study
- Publication date 31/2020
P. Festa1,2, G. Matarazzo1, A. Garret-Bernardin1, S. De Rosa1, T. Gentile1, N. Carugo3, A. Galeotti1
Neonatal teeth: Importance of histological findings in management update
- Publication date 31/2020
G. Bulut*, H. Bulut**
Zero to five years: First dental visit
- Publication date 31/2020
J.-S. Song1, H.-C. Chung2, S. Sohn3, Y.-J. Kim4
Effects of psychological behaviour management programme on dental fear and anxiety in children: A randomised controlled clinical trial
- Publication date 31/2020
P. Zampetti*, A. Scribante**
Historical and bibliometric notes on the use of fluoride in caries prevention
- Publication date /2/2020
Liudmila Drobotko introduces the Paediatric Section of the Dental Association of Russia
- Publication date /1/2020
S. Saccomanno*, V. Quinzi**, S. Sarhan***, D. Laganà***, G. Marzo****
Perspectives of tele-orthodontics in the COVID-19 emergency and as a future tool in daily practice
- Publication date /1/2020

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