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G. Falcolini
Sharing knowledge
- Publication date 29/2010
A. Tsami*, P. Petropoulou*, J. Panayiotou**, Z. Mantzavinos*, E. Roma-Giannikou**
Oral hygiene and periodontal treatment needs in children and adolescents with coeliac disease in Greece
- Publication date 29/2010
M. Sánchez-Molins*, J. Grau Carbó, C. Lischeid Gaig*, J.M. Ustrell Torrent*
Comparative study of the craniofacial growth depending on the type of lactation received
- Publication date 21/2010
G. Falcolini
Expanding interchanges
- Publication date 21/2010
P. Nivoloni Tannure, R. Barcelos, J. Farinhas, L. Guimarães Primo
Zinc Oxide-Eugenol paste retained in gingival mucosa after primary teeth pulpectomy
- Publication date 21/2010
A. Topaloglu Ak, A. Riza Alpoz
Effect of saliva contamination on microleakage of three different pit and fissure sealants
- Publication date 21/2010
G. Ierardo, V. Luzzi, F. Panetta, G.L. Sfasciotti, A. Polimeni
Noonan Syndrome: A case report
- Publication date 21/2010
E. Stellini*, D. Stomaci*, A. Zuccon*, E. Bressan*, R. Ferro**, N. Petrone***, L. Favero*, S. Mazzoleni****
Tooth fragment reattachment through the use of a nanofilled composite resin
- Publication date 21/2010
G. Olivi*, C. Caprioglio**, M. D. Genovese***
Lasers in dental traumatology
- Publication date 21/2010
C. M. Viegas, A. C. Scarpelli, A. C. Carvalho, F. M. Ferreira, I. A. Pordeus, S. M. Paiva
Predisposing factors for traumatic dental injuries in brazilian preschool children
- Publication date 21/2010
L. Artmann, H. J. Larsen, H.B. Sørensen, I. J. Christensen, I. Kjær
Differences between dentitions with palatally and labially located maxillary canines observed in incisor width, dental morphology and space conditions
- Publication date 21/2010
R. Biagi*, F. Cardarelli*, A.C. Butti**, A. Salvato**
Sports-related dental injuries: knowledge of first aid and mouthguard use in a sample of Italian children and youngsters
- Publication date 21/2010
R.H. Botti1, M. Bossù2, N. Zallocco3, A. Vestri4, A Polimeni5
Effectiveness of plaque indicators and air polishing for the sealing of pits and fissures
- Publication date 19/2010
M.D. Genovese*, G. Olivi**
Use of laser technology in orthodontics: hard and soft tissue laser treatments
- Publication date 19/2010
G. D’Alessandro, T. Tagariello, G. Piana
Craniofacial changes and treatment of the stomatognathic system in subjects with Cleidocranial Dysplasia
- Publication date 19/2010
G. Litsas
Effect of full mouth rehabilitation on the amount of Streptococcus mutans in children with Early Childhood Caries
- Publication date 19/2010
P. Defabianis, S., Braida, R. Guagnano
180-Day screening study for predicting the risk factors for developing acute oral Graft-versus-Host disease in paediatric patients subjected to allogenic haematopoietic stem cells transplantation
- Publication date 19/2010
A.C. Oliveira*, I.A. Pordeus**, C.L. Luz***, S.M. Paiva**
Mothers’ perceptions concerning oral health of children and adolescents with Down syndrome: a qualitative approach
- Publication date 19/2010
E. Cagiran*, C. Eyigor**, A. Sipahi***, H. Koca****, T. Balcioglu*****, M. Uyar******
Comparison of oral Midazolam and Midazolam-Ketamine as sedative agents in paediatric dentistry
- Publication date 19/2010
M. Ribelles Llop, F. Guinot Jimeno, R. Mayné Acién, L.J. Bellet Dalmau
Effects of xylitol chewing gum on salivary flow rate, ph, buffering capacity and presence of Streptococcus mutans in saliva
- Publication date 19/2010

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