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G. Litsas, A. Ari-Demirkaya*
Crohn’s disease of the mouth: report of a case
- Publication date /1/2011
B. Malekafzali*, F. Shekarchi**, S. Asgary***
Treatment outcomes of pulpotomy in primary molars using two endodontic biomaterials. A 2-year randomised clinical trial
- Publication date /1/2011
A. Lucchese, E. Storti*
Morphological characteristics of primary enamel surfaces versus permanent enamel surfaces: SEM digital analysis
- Publication date /1/2011
A. Silvestrini Biavati*, A. Signori**, A. Castaldo***, G. Matarese****, M. Migliorati*
Incidence and distribution of deciduous molar ankylosis, a longitudinal study
- Publication date /1/2011
A. Topkara*
External apical root resorption caused by orthodontic treatment: a review of the literature
- Publication date /1/2011
T.C.L. Coutinho*, M.R. Rodrigues Cajazeira**
Retrospective study on the occurrence of primary incisor trauma in preschool children of a low-income area in Brazil
- Publication date /1/2011
A.J. Casanova-Rosado1, C.E. Medina-Solís2, J.F. Casanova-Rosado1, A.A. Vallejos-Sánchez1, E.A. Martinez-Mier3, J.P. Loyola-Rodríguez4, A.J. Islas-Márquez2, G. Maupomé3-5
Association between developmental enamel defects in the primary and permanent dentitions
- Publication date /1/2011
A. Cassoni*, P. Macarini**, E.S. Leonetti***,j.a. Shibli****, j.a. Rodrigues*
Halogen lamp and led activation of resin-modified glass ionomer restorative material. In vitro microhardness after long term storage
- Publication date /1/2011
K. Emerich*, S. Williams**, M. Bodal***
An appraisal and comparison of three methods of selecting patients for orthodontic treatment
- Publication date /1/2011
G. Falcolini
EJPD was awarded the Impact Factor
- Publication date /1/2011
R. Biagi*, A.C. Butti**, A. Salvato**
Premature loss of maxillary primary incisor and delayed eruption of its successor: report of a case
- Publication date /1/2011
N. Esfahanizadeh
Dental health education programme for 6-year-olds: a cluster randomised controlled trial
- Publication date /1/2011
A.C. Carvalho*, S.M. Paiva*, A.C. Scarpelli*,C.M. Viegas*, F.M. Ferreira**, I.A. Pordeus*
Prevalence of malocclusion in primary dentition in a population-based sample of Brazilian preschool children
- Publication date 29/2011
A. Topkara*, Z. Sari**
Prevalence and distribution of hypodontia in a Turkish orthodontic patient population: results from a large academic cohort
- Publication date 29/2011
M.Costacurta*, L. Di Renzo**-***, A. Bianchi**, F. Fabiocchi**, A. De Lorenzo**-***, R. Docimo*
Obesity and dental caries in paediatric patients. A cross-sectional study
- Publication date 29/2011
S. Ozer, E. Sen Tunc , S. Bayrak, T. Egilmez
Evaluation of certain risk factors for Early Childhood Caries
- Publication date 29/2011
R. Hashim
Dental trauma management awareness among primary school teachers in the Emirate of Ajman, United Arab Emirates
- Publication date 29/2011
A. Monaco*, A. Spadaro*, F. Sgolastra**, A. Petrucci*, P.D. D’Andrea***, R. Gatto**
Prevalence of astigmatism in a paediatric population with malocclusions
- Publication date 29/2011
J.P. Beena
Prevalence of dental caries and its correlation with the immunologic profile in HIV-Infected children on antiretroviral therapy
- Publication date 29/2011
A.K. Buczynski, G.F. Castro, A.T. Leão, I.P.R. Souza
Impact of oral health on the quality of life of 3-6-years old hiv-infected children. Quality of life in hiv+ children
- Publication date 29/2011

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