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A. Monaco, F. Sgolastra, R. Cattaneo, A. Petrucci, M.C. Marci, P.D. D’Andrea*, R. Gatto
Prevalence of myopia in a population with malocclusions
- Publication date /1/2012
G. Falcolini
Stricter and shorter
- Publication date /1/2012
M. Vadini*, F. De Angelis*, M. D’Amario**, G. Marzo**, M. Baldi**, C. D’Arcangelo*
Conservative restorations of endodontically compromised anterior teeth in paediatric patients: physical and mechanical considerations
- Publication date /1/2012
M. Shahabi*, H. Moosavi**, A. Gholami***, F. Ahrari*
In vitro effects of several surface preparation methods on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets to caries-like lesions of enamel
- Publication date /1/2012
G. Conti, M. Dolci, A. Borgonovo, C. Maiorana
Aesthetic restoration of upper lip after removal of post-trauma foreign body (orthodontic bracket)
- Publication date /1/2012
R. Ferro*, A. Besostri*, E. Stellini**, G. Denotti***, A. Canesso****
A rare case of unerupted second deciduous molar located inferior to the second premolar: case report
- Publication date /1/2012
G. Idris*, M.Y. Hajeer**, A. Al-Jundi***
Acceptance and discomfort in growing patients during treatment with two functional appliances: a randomised controlled trial
- Publication date /1/2012
C. Maspero, G. Galbiati, L. Perillo*, L. Favero**, L. Giannini
Orthopaedic treatment efficiency in skeletal Class III malocclusions in young patients: RME-face mask versus TSME
- Publication date /1/2012
R. Lione, C. Pavoni, G. Laganà, E. Fanucci*, L. Ottria**, P. Cozza
Rapid maxillary expansion: effects on palatal area investigated by computed tomography in growing subjects
- Publication date /1/2012
R. Conḍ, M. Costacurta, C. Perugia, R. Docimo
Atypical deglutition: diagnosis and interceptive treatment. A clinical study
- Publication date /1/2012
E.S.J. Abu Alhaija*, S. M. Irshaid*, A.M.S. AlWahadni**
Shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets bonded to deciduous teeth with different etching times
- Publication date /1/2012
L. Favero, A. Winkler, V. Favero
Non-compliant maxillary protraction by orthodontic micro-implants
- Publication date /1/2012
S. Saccomanno, G. Antonini, L. D’Alatri**, M. D'Angelantonio*, A. Fiorita**, R. Deli
Patients treated with orthodontic-myofunctional therapeutic protocol
- Publication date /1/2012
Y. Berlin-Broner*, L. Levin**, M. Ashkenazi***
Awareness of orthodontists regarding oral hygiene performance during active orthodontic treatment
- Publication date /1/2012
M. Lalic, E. Aleksic*, M. Gajic, J. Milic*, D. Malesevic**
Does oral health counseling effectively improve oral hygiene of orthodontic patients?
- Publication date /1/2012
M. Rosa, P. Lucchi*, L. Mariani, A. Caprioglio
Spontaneous correction of anterior crossbite by RPE anchored on deciduous teeth in the early mixed dentition
- Publication date /1/2012
G. Falcolini
Orthodontics in childhood
- Publication date /1/2012
A. Lucchese1, A. Bertacci2, S. Chersoni2, M. Portelli3
Primary enamel permeability: a SEM evaluation in vivo
- Publication date /1/2012
L. Perillo, G. Padricelli, G. Isola*, F. Femiano, P. Chiodini**, G. Matarese*
Class II malocclusion division 1: a new classification method by cephalometric analysis
- Publication date /1/2012
Italian Study Group on taste disorders: A. Majorana, G. Campus, S. Anedda, G. Piana, M. Bossù, M.G. Cagetti, G. Conti, G. D’Alessandro, L. Strohmneger, A. Polimeni
Development and validation of a Taste Sensitivity Test in a group of healthy children
- Publication date /1/2012

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