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M. Grošelj, J. Jan
Molar incisor hypomineralisation and dental caries among children in Slovenia
- Publication date /1/2013
R. Ferro, A.Besostri, G. Denotti**, G. Campus*
Public Community Orthodontics in Italy. Description of an experience
- Publication date /1/2013
C. Grippaudo, F. Pantanali, E. G. Paolantonio, R. Saulle*, G. La Torre*, R. Deli
Orthodontic treatment timing in growing patients
- Publication date /1/2013
S. Ercalik Yalcinkaya*, A. Dumlu*, N. Bekiroglu**, G. Kızılyel***, B. Kargul****
Demirjian’s system for estimating dental age among Northwestern Turkish children aged 4-16 years
- Publication date /1/2013
C.F. Hamilton*, H. Saltaji**, C. B. Preston***, C. Flores-Mir****, S. Tabbaa*****
Adolescent patients' experience with the Carriere distalizer appliance
- Publication date /1/2013
M.R. Giuca, L. Giannotti, R. Saggese, A. Vanni, M. Pasini
Evaluation of cephalometric, hormonal and enzymatic parameters in young obese subjects
- Publication date /1/2013
L. Perillo, G. Isola*, D. Esercizio, M. Iovane, G. Triolo*, G. Matarese*
Differences in craniofacial characteristics in Southern Italian children from Naples: a retrospective study by cephalometric analysis
- Publication date /1/2013
G. Falcolini
SIOI Congress
- Publication date /1/2013
E. Yildiz1, E. Sirin Karaarslan2, Z. Yegin3, M.A. Cebe4, G. Tosun5
Effect of caries removal techniques on the bond strength of adhesives to caries-affected primary dentin in vitro
- Publication date /1/2013
L. Scorzetti*, D. Marcattili*, M. Pasini**, A. Mattei***, E. Marchetti*, G. Marzo*
Association between obesity and periodontal disease in children
- Publication date /1/2013
L. Favero1, A. Arreghini2, F. Cocilovo3, V. Favero4
Respiratory disorders in paediatric age: orthodontic diagnosis and treatment in dysmetabolic obese children and allergic slim children
- Publication date /1/2013
C. Passariello*, P. Gigola**
Adhesion and biofilm formation by periodontopathogenic bacteria on different commercial brackets
- Publication date /1/2013
P. Mast*, M.T. Rodriguez Tapia*, L. Daeniker**, I. Krejci***
Understanding MIH: definition, epidemiology, differential diagnosis and new treatment guidelines
- Publication date /1/2013
B. Kuter*, E. Eden*, H. Yıldız**
The effect of heat on the mechanical properties of glass ionomer cements
- Publication date /1/2013
R.E. Tirali, S.B. Çehreli, R. Yazıcı*, Z. Yalçınkaya
Effect of two anti-erosion pastes on surface roughness of different restorative materials
- Publication date /1/2013
A. Hamid Zafarmand*, M. Mahdi Zafarmand**
Removable orthodontic appliances: new perspectives on capabilities and efficiency
- Publication date /1/2013
M. G. Piancino, T. Vallelonga, C. Debernardi, P. Bracco
Deep bite: a case report with chewing pattern and electromyographic activity before and after therapy with function generating bite
- Publication date /1/2013
V. Favero*, L. Sbricoli**, L. Favero**
Scissor bite in a young patient treated with an orthodontic-orthopedic device. A case report
- Publication date /1/2013
J. H. Shin*, J. E. Kim**, R.J. Kim***
Multidisciplinary approach in the management of a complicated crown root fracture
- Publication date /1/2013
C. Perugia*, E. Ferraro**, R. Docimo*
Immediate dentin sealing in indirect restorations of dental fractures in paediatric dentistry
- Publication date /1/2013

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