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A. Baghalian*, M. Ranjpour*, T. Hooshmand**, N. G.Herman***, A. Ebrahimi*
Comparison of fracture resistance in post restorations in primary maxillary incisors
- Publication date 30/2014
Ll. Brunet-Llobet*, E. Lahor-Soler**, J. Miranda-Rius***
Oral pain due to severe pre-eruptive intracoronal resorption in permanent tooth
- Publication date 30/2014
G.E. Salazar-Arboleda*, A.M. Moncaleano-Arévalo*, A. M. Rueda-Chartouni*, M. Barreto**
Comparison of the upper airways from cephalometric radiographs of children with and without finger-sucking habit
- Publication date 30/2014
F. Sengul, T. Gurbuz, S. Sengul*
Finite element analysis of different restorative materials in primary teeth restorations
- Publication date 30/2014
E. Ortu, F. Sgolastra, A. Barone, R. Gatto, G. Marzo, A. Monaco
Salivary Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus spp. levels in patients during rapid palatal expansion
- Publication date 30/2014
A.Z. Zengin, P. Celenk, K. Gunduz, M. Canger
Primary double teeth and their effect on permanent successors
- Publication date 30/2014
G. D’Alessandro, I. Cremonesi, N. Alkhamis, G. Piana
Correlation between oral health in disabled children and depressive symptoms in their mothers
- Publication date 30/2014
F. Guinot Jimeno*, M. Mercadé Bellido*, C. Cuadros Fernández*, A.I. Lorente Rodríguez *, J. Llopis Pérez**, JR. Boj Quesada***
Effect of audiovisual distraction on children’s behaviour, anxiety and pain in the dental setting
- Publication date 30/2014
D. Angerame*, M. De Biasi**, L. Marigo***, R. Castagnola****, F. Somma****, A. Castaldo*
Influence of simulated apical resorption following orthodontic treatment on working length determination: an in vitro study
- Publication date 30/2014
M. Relvas1,2, C. Coelho3, C. Velazco Henriques2, E. Ramos1,4
Cariogenic bacteria and dental health status in adolescents: the role of oral health behaviours
- Publication date 30/2014
C. M. Zamudio-Ortega*, R. Contreras-Bulnes*, R. J. Scougall-Vilchis*, R. A. Morales-Luckie**, O. F. Olea-Mejía**, L. E. Rodríguez-Vilchis*
Morphological, chemical and structural characterisation of deciduous enamel: SEM, EDS, XRD, FTIR and XPS analysis
- Publication date 30/2014
R. Rullo*, D. Di Maggio****, F. Addabbo*, F. Rullo***, V. M. Festa*, L. Perillo**
Speech outcome in unilateral complete cleft lip and palate patients: a descriptive study
- Publication date 30/2014
M. D’Attilio, F. Festa, A. Filippakos, U. Comparelli, D. Tripodi
Third Class Resolver: a retrospective analysis
- Publication date 30/2014
M. Picciotti*, L. Di Vece**, M. Viviano*, A. Giorgio***, G. Lorenzini*
Meningitis and Riga-Fede disease: an unusual condition
- Publication date /2/2014
E. Sfeir, N. Nassif, C. Moukarzel
Use of mini dental implants in ectodermal dysplasia children: follow-up of three cases
- Publication date /1/2014
A. Galeotti, R. Uomo*, V. D’Antň*, R. Valletta*, A. C. Vittucci, M. Macchiaiolo**, A. Bartuli**
Ligneous periodontal lesions in a young child with severe plasminogen deficiency: a case report
- Publication date /1/2014
T.M. Marianetti*, L. Dall’Asta**, A. Torroni*, G. Gasparini*, S. Pelo*
Trismus-pseudocamptodactyly syndrome: a 20 year follow-up
- Publication date /1/2014
S.B. Patil, S. Hugar, S. Patil*
Green teeth associated with hyperbilirubinemia: a case report
- Publication date /1/2014
M. Lacarbonara*, A.P. Cazzolla**, V.A. Lacarbonara**, D. Di Venere**, M. Capogreco*, G. Marzo*
Prolidase deficiency: dento-facial aspects in a paediatric patient
- Publication date /1/2014
C. Cuadros Fernández, A. Armengol Olivares, F. Guinot Jimeno, A. I. Lorente Rodríguez
Oral rehabilitation of a 4-year-old child with early childhood caries under general anaesthesia: a case report on long-term outcome
- Publication date /1/2014

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