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G.F. Ferrazzano, T. Cantile, M. Coda, A. Ingenito
New approach in paediatric dentistry: ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation of restorative dental materials. Experimental study
- Publication date /1/2015
R. Lione*, M. Buongiorno**, G. Laganŕ*, P. Cozza***, L. Franchi****
Early treatment of Class III malocclusion with RME and facial mask: evaluation of dentoalveolar effects on digital dental casts
- Publication date /1/2015
A. Garrocho-Rangel*, C. Lozano-Vázquez*, C. Butrón-Tellez-Girón*, D. Escobar-García**, S. Ruíz-Rodriguez*, A. Pozos-Guillén*-**
In vitro assessment of retention and microleakage in pit and fissure sealants following enamel pre-etching with sodium hypochlorite deproteinisation
- Publication date /1/2015
Been V.J. et al.
Focus on ... Second hand smoking
- Publication date /1/2015
K. Mitrakul*, Y. Asvanund*, M. Arunakul**, S. Paka-akekaphat***
Effect of audiovisual eyeglasses during dental treatment in 5-8 year-old children
- Publication date /1/2015
L. Paglia
Does breastfeeding increase risk of early childhood caries?
- Publication date /1/2015
J. O. Eigbobo*, C. L. Nzomiwu**, S. S. Etim*, E. O. Amobi***
The care of traumatic dental injuries in primary schools in Southern Nigeria
- Publication date /1/2015
D. Celli, A. L. Greco, S. Sferra, R. Deli
Management of impacted dilacerated maxillary incisor with strategic positioning of a straightwire appliance
- Publication date /1/2015
M. Bani*, N. Akal*, H. Bodur*, M. E. Odabaş*, T. Tüzüner**, A. E. Delilbaşı***, Y. T. Özdoğan****
The reasons for extractions of primary teeth in Turkish children
- Publication date /1/2015
C. Llena, A. M. Leyda, L. Forner
CPP-ACP and CPP-ACFP versus fluoride varnish in remineralisation of early caries lesions. A prospective study
- Publication date /1/2015
F.P.M. Carletto-Körber*, R.E. González-Ittig**, M.G. Jimenez***, L.S. Cornejo****
Serotype diversity of Streptococcus mutans and caries activity in children in Argentina
- Publication date /1/2015
F.R. Nardelli - E. Eden
Letters to the editor
- Publication date /1/2015
Pierluigi Altea
Figen Seymen introduces the TPD
- Publication date /1/2015
L. Yao*, X. Xu**, M. Ren***, D. Liu**, Z. Ni****, F. Lin*****
Inflammatory dentigerous cyst of mandibular first premolar associated with endodontically treated primary first molar: a rare case report
- Publication date /1/2015
F. Alligri*, A. Putrino*, M. Cassetta**, A. Silvestri***, E. Barbato****, G. Galluccio*****
The mandibular permanent second molars and their risk of impaction: a retrospective study
- Publication date /1/2015
R. Fastuca*, M. Meneghel*, P. A. Zecca**, F. Mangano**, M. Antonello***, R. Nucera****, A. Caprioglio*****
Multimodal airway evaluation in growing patients after rapid maxillary expansion
- Publication date /1/2015
S. Mutinelli, M. Cozzani
Rapid maxillary expansion in early-mixed dentition: effectiveness of increasing arch dimension with anchorage on deciduous teeth
- Publication date /1/2015
D. Vidovic*, D. Bursac**, T. Skrinjaric***, D. Glavina***, K. Gorseta***
Prevalence and prevention of dental injuries in young taekwondo athletes in Croatia
- Publication date /1/2015
I. Oleszkiewicz*, K. Emerich**
How to proceed in case of tooth avulsion: state of student knowledge
- Publication date /1/2015
T. Eskandarian*, S. Arabzade Moghadam**, S. Reza Ghaemi***, M. Bayani**
The effect of nasal midazolam premedication on parents-child separation and recovery time in dental procedures under general anaesthesia
- Publication date /1/2015

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