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S. Cianetti, G. Lombardo, M. Bravi, S. Grandini*
Is pit and fissure sealing of buccal surfaces useful in reducing incidence of caries of first permanent molars?
- Publication date /1/2016
A. Mulic, Ø. Fredriksen, I. D. Jacobsen, A. B. Tveit, I. Espelid, C. G. Crossner
Dental erosion: Prevalence and severity among 16-year-old adolescents in Troms, Norway
- Publication date /1/2016
S. Bektas Donmez, S. Uysal*, A. Dolgun**, M.D. Turgut
Clinical performance of aesthetic restorative materials in primary teeth according to the FDI criteria
- Publication date /1/2016
H. Oda*, M. Sandou**, C-M. Lin***, M. Kamata****, T. Kawata*****
Clarifying the mechanism of effect of the Bionator for treatment of maxillary protrusion: A percentile growth study
- Publication date /1/2016
Pierluigi Altea
Anna Jurczak introduces the PTSD
- Publication date /1/2016
K. Tolidis, C. Boutsiouki, P. Gerasimou
Comparative evaluation of microleakage of a carbomer/fluoroapatite-enhanced glass-ionomer cement on primary teeth restorations
- Publication date /1/2016
A. H. Arpaci*, B. I˛sik**, N. Cura*, B. Kaplan***, P. Bozkurt*
Which maternal personality traits affect child behaviour during dental treatment
- Publication date /1/2016
G.F. Ferrazzano*, S. Orlando*, T. Cantile*-**, G. Sangianantoni*, B. Alcidi*, M. Coda*, S. Caruso***, A. Ingenito*
An experimental in vivo procedure for the standardised assessment of sealants retention over time
- Publication date /1/2016
C. Mantegazza F. Angiero* G.V. Zuccotti
Oral manifestations of gastrointestinal diseases in children. Part 3: Ulcerative colitis and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
- Publication date /1/2016
Luigi Paglia
Pit and fissure sealants or fluoride varnishes?
- Publication date /1/2016
P. Pott, A. Rzasa, M. Stiesch, M. Eisenburger
Marginal fit of indirect composite inlays using a new system for manual fabrication
- Publication date /1/2016
M. Frascaria, M. Casinelli, S. Mauro*, M. D’Amario, R. Gatto, G. Marzo
Aesthetic rehabilitation in a young patient using a minimally invasive approach. A multidisciplinary case report
- Publication date /1/2016
E. Ortu*, M. Lacarbonara*, R. Cattaneo, G. Marzo**, R. Gatto**, A. Monaco***
Electromyographic evaluation of a patient treated with extraoral traction: a case report
- Publication date /1/2016
K. Bücher, K. Rothmaier, R. Hickel, R. Heinrich-Weltzien*, J. Kühnisch
The need for repeated dental care under general anaesthesia in children
- Publication date /1/2016
M. Diéguez Pérez, J. De Nova García, M. R. Mourelle Martínez, G. Feijoo García
Indicators of jawbone asymmetry through analysis of panoramic radiographs
- Publication date /1/2016
I. Abdulhamid*, M. Tremblay**, J. Stenger**, V. Tutag Lehr***
Chloral hydrate for sedation of children with asthma during dental treatment
- Publication date /1/2016
G. Cossellu, G. Farronato, O. Nicotera, R. Biagi
Transverse maxillary deficit and its influence on the cervical vertebrae maturation index
- Publication date /1/2016
F. Ishida*, Y. Ukai**, T. Shimizu***
Palate and alveolar ridge development in predental infants: a longitudinal study
- Publication date /1/2016
D. Duangthip, M. Jiang, C.H. Chu, E.C.M. Lo
Restorative approaches to treat dentin caries in preschool children: systematic review
- Publication date /1/2016
F. Ghaderi*, R. Ghaderi**, M. Davarmanesh***, M. Bayani****, S. Arabzade Moghadam*****
Pain management during needle insertion with low level laser
- Publication date /1/2016

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