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A. Scribante, M. F. Sfondrini, D. Fraticelli, M. Malfatto, P. Gandini
Adhesive systems for CAD-CAM customised lingual orthodontic brackets: which one is better?
- Publication date 30/2017
R. Ferro*, M. Pasini**, A. Fortini**, A. Arrighi**, E. Carli**, M.R. Giuca**
Evaluation of maxillary and mandibular arch forms in an Italian adolescents sample with normocclusion
- Publication date 30/2017
Maria Rita Giuca
19th SIOI National Congress in Pisa
- Publication date 30/2017
A. Dahlander*, L. Jansson**,***, A. Lidén****, M. Tanase****, M. Grindefjord *,*****
Dental fear among children of foreign background in a multicultural area in Stockholm
- Publication date 30/2017
A. Garrocho-Rangel, M. Ángel Rosales-Berber, A. Pozos-Guillén
Significance of observational studies in clinical paediatric dentistry research
- Publication date 30/2017
B. I. Oter*, R. E. Tirali**, B. M. Ozgul***, N. Berk****, S. B. Cehreli*****
Effect of saliva contamination on the sealing properties of glass ionomer sealants placed over Er,Cr:YSGG laser-etched fissures
- Publication date 30/2017
P. Defabianis
Pre-surgical orthopedics in newborns affected by clefts of the lip, alveolus and palate. Report of two cases
- Publication date 30/2017
K. Bücher*, I. Metz**, V. Pitchika*, R. Hickel*, J. Kühnisch*
Flowable composite as a direct restoration technique for primary molars
- Publication date 30/2017
C. Caprioglio* G. Olivi** M.D. Genovese*** M.C. Vitale****
Paediatric laser dentistry. Part 3: Dental trauma
- Publication date 30/2017
C. Perugia, M. Bartolino, R. Docimo
Comparison of single tooth anaesthesia by computer-controlled local anaesthetic delivery system (C-CLADS) with a supraperiosteal traditional syringe injection in paediatric dentistry
- Publication date 30/2017
M.S. Kaya*, S. Akyuz*, B. Guclu**, D. Diracoglu***, A. Yarat****
Masticatory parameters of children with and without clinically diagnosed caries in permanent dentition
- Publication date /1/2017
A. Mulic, E. Cehajic, A.B. Tveit, K.R. Stenhagen
How serious is Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation (MIH) among 8- and 9-year-old children in Bosnia-Herzegovina? A clinical study
- Publication date /1/2017
P. Altea
Paola Beltri Orta introduces the SEOP
- Publication date /1/2017
Various authors
Letters to the editor
- Publication date /1/2017
G.F. Ferrazzano*, P. Festa**, T. Cantile***, V. D’Antò****, A. Ingenito*****, R. Martina******
Multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of double bilateral upper permanent incisors in a young boy
- Publication date /1/2017
A. Kockanat*, M. Unal**
In vivo and in vitro comparison of ICDAS II, DIAGNOdent pen, CarieScan PRO and SoproLife camera for occlusal caries detection in primary molar teeth
- Publication date /1/2017
E. Kaya*, M. Elbay**, D. Yiğit***
Evaluation of the Self-Adjusting File system (SAF) for the instrumentation of primary molar root canals: a micro-computed tomographic study
- Publication date /1/2017
M. Beretta*, F. Federici Canova**
A new method for deep caries treatment in primary teeth using ozone: a retrospective study
- Publication date /1/2017
F. Cullati*, A. Mapelli**, G. Beltramini*, M. Codari**, C. L. Pimenta Ferreira**, A. Baj*, A. B. Giannì*, C. Sforza**
Surface electromyography before and after orthognathic surgery and condylectomy in active laterognathia: a case report
- Publication date /1/2017
T. Kihara*, Y. Kaihara**, S. Iwamae***, N. Niizato****, S. Gion*, T. Taji*, K. Kozai****, H. Nikawa*
Three-dimensional longitudinal changes of maxilla and mandible morphology during the predental period
- Publication date /1/2017

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