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M.T. Martins*, F. Sardenberg**, C.B. Bendo***, M.P. Vale****, S.M. Paiva****, I.A. Pordeus****
Dental caries are more likely to impact on children’s quality of life than malocclusion or traumatic dental injuries
- Publication date 27/2018
V. Lanteri*, G. Cossellu*, A. Gianolio**, M. Beretta***, C. Lanteri****, C. Cherchi**, G. Farronato*****
Comparison between RME, SME and Leaf Expander in growing patients: a retrospective postero-anterior cephalometric study
- Publication date 27/2018
S. Arcari* , M. Moscati**
Nitrous oxide analgesic effect on children receiving restorative treatment on primary molars
- Publication date 27/2018
W. Sidorowicz, P. Kubasiewicz-Ross, M. Dominiak
Familial cherubism: clinical and radiological features. Case report and review of the literature
- Publication date 27/2018
E. Staderini, F. Guglielmi, M. Cordaro, P. Gallenzi
Ossifying epulis in pseudohypo- parathyroidism: a case-based therapeutic approach
- Publication date 27/2018
A. Bracho Pacheco*, M. Finkelman**, A. Choi***, D. Hinton****, A. P. Rich*****, S. M. Bagher******, C. Y. Loo*******
Effectiveness of an oral health education seminar for paediatric and family medicine residents
- Publication date 27/2018
S. Colombo*, M. Beretta**
Dental Sealants Part 3: Which material? Efficiency and effectiveness
- Publication date 27/2018
N. Rodríguez Peinado*, M.R. Mourelle Martínez**, M. Diéguez Pérez***, M.J. De Nova García****
A study of the dental treatment needs of special patients: cerebral paralysis and Down syndrome
- Publication date 27/2018
S. Saccomanno*, C. Martini**, L. D’Alatri***, S. Farina****, C. Grippaudo*
A specific protocol of myo-functional therapy in children with Down syndrome. A pilot study
- Publication date 27/2018
P. Altea
Paul Andrews introduces the CAPD/ACDP
- Publication date 27/2018
E. Alnuaimi*, M. Al Halabi*, A. Khamis**, M. Kowash*
Oral health problems in leukaemic paediatric patients in the United Arab Emirates: a retrospective study
- Publication date 27/2018
Luigi Paglia
Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: paediatricians should be involved as well! Luigi Paglia Editor In Chief European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry
- Publication date /1/2018
Morenike Folayan, Salami Olatubosun
Early Childhood Caries - A diagnostic enigma
- Publication date 30/2018
C.Y. Díaz Rosas*,****, E. Cárdenas Vargas**, J.E. Castañeda-Delgado***, L.A. Aguilera-Galaviz****, M.C. Aceves Medina****
Dental, periodontal and salivary conditions in diabetic children associated with metabolic control variables and nutritional plan adherence
- Publication date /1/2018
P. Altea
Jae-Gon Kim introduces the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
- Publication date /1/2018
D. Giugliano*, F. d’Apuzzo**, A. Majorana***, G. Campus****, F. Nucci*****, C. Flores-Mir******, L. Perillo*******
Influence of occlusal characteristics, food intake and oral hygiene habits on dental caries in adolescents: a cross-sectional study
- Publication date /1/2018
H. Al Hajeri*, M. Al Halabi*, M. Kowash*, A. H. Khamis*, R. Welbury**, I. Hussein*
Assessment of the knowledge of United Arab Emirates dentists of Child Maltreatment, protection and safeguarding
- Publication date /1/2018
D. Mansoor*, M. Al Halabi**, A.H. Khamis***, M. Kowash**
Oral health challenges facing Dubai children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at home and in accessing oral health care
- Publication date /1/2018
A. C. Echavarría-García*, A. Pozos-Guillén**, F. Tejeda-Nava**, J. C. Flores Arriaga**, A. Garrocho-Rangel**
Oral management of children with Henoch-Schönlein Purpura and associated Glomerulonephritis: a scoping review
- Publication date /1/2018
P. Rajavaara*, M-L. Laitala**, H. Vähänikkilä***, V. Anttonen****
Survey of family-related factors of children treated under dental general anaesthesia
- Publication date /1/2018

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