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P. L. Altea
The Hungarian Association of Paedodontics and Orthodontics
- Publication date /1/2019
P. L. Altea
Interview with the expert Michela Rossini
- Publication date /1/2019
E.G. Paolantonio, N. Ludovici, S. Saccomanno, G. La Torre*, C. Grippaudo
Association between oral habits, mouth breathing and malocclusion in Italian preschoolers
- Publication date /1/2019
B. Kuter*, N. Guler**
Caries experience, oral disorders, oral hygiene practices and socio-demographic characteristics of autistic children
- Publication date /1/2019
E. Bardellini, M. G. Gulino, S. Fontana, J. Merlo, M. Febbrari, A. Majorana
Long-term evaluation of the efficacy on the podalic support and postural control of a new elastic functional orthopaedic device for the correction of Class III malocclusion
- Publication date /1/2019
A. Alnamankany
Video modelling and dental anxiety in children. A randomised clinical trial
- Publication date /1/2019
G.F. Ferrazzano, G. Sangianantoni, R.L. Mitrano, A. Ingenito, B. Alcidi, T. Cantile
Assessing changes in oral health-related quality of life and body growth in 3–5 years old children following dental treatment under general anaesthesia due to severe dental caries
- Publication date /1/2019
D. Tripodi, M. Tieri, P. Demartis, G. Però, G. Marzo*, S. D’Ercole
Ponticulus posticus: clinical and CBCT analysis in a young Italian population
- Publication date /1/2019
S.R. Arcari
72nd AAPD Annual Session 2019
- Publication date /1/2019
M. Costacurta, M. Petrini*, V. Biferi*, C. Arcuri**, G. Spoto*, R. Docimo
The correlation between different techniques for the evaluation of oral malodour in children with and without orthodontic treatment
- Publication date /1/2019
M.G. Piancino, L. Di Benedetto, G. Matacena, A. Deregibus, G. Marzo*, V. Quinzi*
Paediatric Orthodontics Part 3: Masticatory function during development
- Publication date /1/2019
S. Pagano, M. Coniglio, C. Valenti, P. Negri, G. Lombardo, E. Costanzi*, S. Cianetti, A. Montaseri**, L. Marinucci*
Biological effects of resin monomers on oral cell populations: descriptive analysis of literature
- Publication date /1/2019
L. Paglia, S. Colombo
Perinatal oral health: focus on the mother
- Publication date /1/2019
L. Paglia
Oral prevention starts with the mother
- Publication date 12/2019
N. Cirulli*, S. Cantore, A. Ballini, L. Perillo**, O. V. Giannico***, S. Tafuri***, D. De Vito
Prevalence of caries and dental malocclusions in the apulian paediatric population: an epidemiological study
- Publication date /1/2019
H. Simsek*, Y. N. Korkmaz**, S. K. Buyuk***
Relationship between obesity and prevalence of dental anomalies: Does body mass index play a role?
- Publication date /1/2019
A. T. Gurcan*, F. Seymen**
Clinical and radiographic evaluation of indirect pulp capping with three different materials: a 2-year follow-up study
- Publication date /1/2019
D. Schnabl*, F. Fleischer*, M. Riedmann**, J. Laimer***, R. Gaßner***
Prevalence and distribution of deep caries and abscess formation in children who required emergency dental general anaesthesia. A retrospective analysis
- Publication date /1/2019
B. Alhaddad, N. K. Rózsa, I. Tarján
Dental trauma in children in Budapest. A retrospective study
- Publication date /1/2019
A. Nota*-**, S. Tecco*, S. Caruso**, M. Severino**, R. Gatto**, A. Baldini*
Analysis of errors in following the rapid maxillary expansion activation protocol: An observational study
- Publication date /1/2019

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