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L. Paglia
COVID-19 and Paediatric Dentistry after the lockdown
- Publication date /1/2020
M. Costacurta, L. Di Renzo*, A. Pujia*, M. Tomietto*, P. Gualtieri*, R. Docimo
Dental agenesis and evaluation of body composition through bioelectrical impedance analysis. Observational study on a sample of paediatric subjects
- Publication date /1/2020
G.F. Ferrazzano1,2, G. Sangianantoni1, F. Desiderio1, A. Ingenito1, R. Iorio3, F. Di Dato3, M. Matarazzo4, T. Cantile1
Oral health conditions in Wilson’s disease patients: A clinical diagnostic study
- Publication date /1/2020
K. Wang1,2*, L. Pang1,2*, Y. Tao1,2, X. Li3, J. Zhang3, T. Cui3, B. Zeng1,2, H. Lin1,2
Association of genetic and environmental factors with dental caries among adolescents in south China: A cross-sectional study
- Publication date /1/2020
S. Ravera, D. Rollet*, G. Cugliari**, A. Deregibus, T. Castroflorio
Interceptive treatment effects of EF preformed appliance in pre-pubertal and pubertal skeletal Class II growing patients: A retrospective controlled study
- Publication date /1/2020
G. Lombardo1, F. Vena1, P. Negri1, S. Pagano1, C. Barilotti1, L. Paglia2 S. Colombo2, M Orso3, S. Cianetti1
Worldwide prevalence of malocclusion in the different stages of dentition: A systematic review and meta-analysis
- Publication date /1/2020
L. Bello, F. Romano*, C. Gaido, P. Defabianis
The effect of an oral spray containing an aqueous extract of Triticum vulgare on dental plaque and gingival inflammation in schoolchildren: A randomized controlled trial
- Publication date /1/2020
D. Garcovich*, R. Aiuto** - L. Paglia***, S. Colombo****, M. Beretta****
Publishing challenges in the new decade - Publish (on social media)… or perish?
- Publication date /1/2020
S.M. Yassin1, S. Tikare2, Z.M. AlKahtani1, F.J. AlFaifi3, W.S. AlFaifi3, E. AlFaifi3, A. Omair3, K.S. Ravi1
Caries preventive practices and dental caries among boys aged 6–15 in Saudi Arabia
- Publication date /1/2020
P. Altea
Interview with the expert Tommaso Castroflorio
- Publication date /1/2020
M. Beretta*, F. Federici Canova**, M. Moscati***, V. Campanella****, G. Gallusi****
EJPD 2020 Clinical Focus State-of-the-art on MIH. Part. 2 MIH clinical management using ozone
- Publication date /1/2020
F. Salama*, A. Alwohaibi**, A. Alabdullatif**, A. Alnasser**, Z. Hafiz**
Knowledge, behaviours and beliefs of parents regarding the oral health of their children
- Publication date /1/2020
S. Bagattoni, L. Lardani*, M.R. Gatto, M.R. Giuca*, G. Piana
Effects of audiovisual distraction in children with Down syndrome during dental restorations: a randomised clinical trial
- Publication date /1/2020
C. Capurro, A. R. Martino, G. D. Chiappe, E. Merlino, N. Laffi
Oral surgery in paediatric dentistry: type of surgical treatment and age distribution in a Public Dental Service in Northern Italy
- Publication date /1/2020
M.R. Giuca, L. Lardani, M. Pasini, M. Beretta*, G. Gallusi**, V. Campanella**
State-of-the-art on MIH. Part. 1 Definition and aepidemiology
- Publication date /1/2020
M. Costacurta, M. Epis, R. Docimo
Evaluation of DMFT in paediatric patients with social vulnerability conditions
- Publication date /1/2020
G. Favia, L. Limongelli, A. Tempesta, E. Maiorano*, S. Capodiferro
Oral lesions as first clinical manifestations of Crohn’s disease in paediatric patients: a report on 8 cases
- Publication date /1/2020
H. Bulut, G. Bulut*
A step to infant oral health promotion intervention among parents
- Publication date /1/2020
R. Aiuto, V. Torchia*, S. De Giorgio*, L. Paglia*
Survey on women’s awareness of the importance of oral hygiene during pregnancy for the health of the mother and her unborn child: Observational aepidemiological study
- Publication date /1/2020
F. Stolbizer, V. Cripovich, A. Paolini
Macrodontia associated with growth-hormone therapy: a case report and review of the literature
- Publication date /1/2020

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