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P.L. Altea
Interview with the expert Alberto Siracusano
- Publication date 17/2021
S. Baxter, K.-M. Phan, M. Hülsmann
In vitro evaluation of root canal wall cleanliness in primary molars after preparation with Self-Adjusting-File (SAF) or Mtwo NiTi-instruments and final irrigation
- Publication date 17/2021
D. Melilli, R. Russo, G. Gallina, P. Messina, G. A. Scardina
Diagnosis and treatment of dens invaginatus with open apex in a young adult patient by using cone-beam computed tomography and operative microscope
- Publication date 17/2021
G.M. Abuelniel1, M.S. Duggal2, S. Duggal3, N.R. Kabel4
Evaluation of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Biodentine as pulpotomy agents in immature first permanent molars with carious pulp exposure: A randomised clinical trial
- Publication date 17/2021
S. Caruso, A. Nota*, S. Caruso, M. Severino, R. Gatto, S. Meuli**, A. Mattei, S. Tecco*
Mandibular advancement with clear aligners in the treatment of skeletal Class II. A retrospective controlled study
- Publication date 17/2021
P.L. Altea
Juanna Bahadun introduces the MAPD
- Publication date 17/2021
A.M. Greco1, F. Gavetti2, M. Severino3, R. Gatto4
Use of a modified vertical holding appliance for open bite interceptive treatment in growing patients
- Publication date 17/2021
E. Míšová1, R. Žižka1,2, B. Vágnerová1, Y. Morozova1, O. Langr3, I. Voborná1
Prospective longitudinal study of early childhood caries and developmental defects of enamel on permanent successors in children in the Czech Republic
- Publication date 17/2021
G. Olivi, M.D. Genovese, M. Olivi*, W.C. Yue, P. Hand, L. Marigo, M. Cordaro
Short lingual frenum in infants, children and adolescents. Part 2: Lingual frenum release. Functional surgical approach
- Publication date 17/2021
K. Boyd1, S. Saccomanno2, C.J. Lewis3, L. Coceani Paskay4, V. Quinzi2, G. Marzo2
Myofunctional therapy. Part 1: Culture, industrialisation and the shrinking human face
- Publication date 17/2021
A.V. Brescia*, C. Bensi**, G. Di Gennaro***, M. Monda****, R. Docimo*****
Impact of lockdown on children’s lifestyle and their collaboration during dental sessions
- Publication date 17/2021
D. Tripodi, G. Cacciagrano, S. D´Ercole, F. Piccari, A. Maiolo, M. Tieri
Short lingual frenulum: From diagnosis to laser and speech-language therapy
- Publication date 17/2021
A.R. Senthil Eagappan1, N. Nagappan2, D. Senthil4, K. Jayanthi3, V. Dhanalakshmi3, R.A Sowmiyasree3, B. Narayanan5
Paediatric dentists’ knowledge of behavioural management principles in Tamil Nadu, India
- Publication date 17/2021
L. Paglia
Healthcare providers and the oral health of the mother and the unborn child
- Publication date 17/2021
E. Spinas, M. Deias, A. Mameli, L. Giannetti*
Pulp canal obliteration after extrusive and lateral luxation in young permanent teeth: A scoping review
- Publication date 17/2021

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