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L.H. Raymundo de Andrade*, B. de Souza Rocha**, G.F. Castro**, I.P. Ribeiro de Souza**
Impact of oral problems on daily activities of hiv-infected children
- Publication date 29/2011
G. Falcolini
- Publication date 29/2011
D. Tripodi*, A. Filippakos*, A. Piattelli**, S. D’Ercole***, V. Perrotti**
Wear of dental sealing materials using the replication technique
- Publication date 29/2011
Y. Yilmaz, O. Eyuboglu*, S. Keles
Comparison of the efficacy of articaine and prilocaine local anaesthesia for pulpotomy of maxillary and mandibular primary molars
- Publication date 29/2011
B.A. Jung, C. Becker*, H. Wehrbein
Uprighting and distalisation of first permanent maxillary molars in patients with undermining resorption: a case report
- Publication date 26/2011
G. Farronato, V. Carletti, L. Giannini, D. Farronato, C. Maspero
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis with temporomandibular joint involvement: functional treatment
- Publication date 26/2011
A. Melara Munguía, M. Arregui Gambús, F. Guinot Jimeno, L. J. Bellet Dalmau
Temperature changes caused by light curing units on dentine of primary teeth
- Publication date 29/2011
A. Giancotti*, P. Mozzicato**, G. Mampieri*
An alternative technique in the treatment of anterior cross bite in a case of nichel allergy: a case report
- Publication date 29/2011
K.A. Kolawole, O.D. Otuyemi, A.M. Oluwadaisi
Assessment of oral health-related quality of life in Nigerian children using the Child Perceptions Questionnaire (CPQ 11-14)
- Publication date 29/2011
R. Condò, P. Maturo, C. Perugia, R. Docimo
Oral lesions in paediatric patients with graft-versus–host disease
- Publication date 29/2011
F. Courson*, A.M. Velly**, D. Droz***, L. Lupi-Pégurier****, M. Muller-Bolla****
Clinical decision on pit and fissure sealing according to the occlusal morphology. A descriptive study
- Publication date 29/2011
M.F. Mathias*, M.R.L. Simionato**, R.O. Guaré***
Some factors associated with dental caries in the primary dentition of children with Down syndrome
- Publication date 29/2011
R. Pippi
A sixteen year sample of surgically treated supernumerary teeth
- Publication date 29/2011
Y. Yilmaz, N. Belduz Kara, A. Yilmaz*, H. Sahin
Wear and repair of stainless steel crowns
- Publication date 29/2011
D. Militi, A. Militi, M.C. Cutrupi*, M. Portelli, L. Rigoli*, G. Matarese, D.C. Salpietro*
Genetic basis of non syndromic hypodontia: a DNA investigation performed on three couples of monozygotic twins about PAX9 mutation
- Publication date 29/2011
B. Altinok, I. Tanboga, S. Peker, F. Eren, M. Bakkal, F. Peker
The effect of laser-activated Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride on enamel submitted to erosive solution only: an in vitro preliminary evaluation
- Publication date 29/2011
Y. Fujita, Y. Sorada, K. Maki
Orthodontic treatment of a unilateral impacted mandibular canine and first premolar: a case report
- Publication date 29/2011
G. Laganà, C.C. Lombardi, L. Franchi*, P. Cozza
Tooth agenesis: dentoskeletal characteristics in subjects with orthodontic treatment need
- Publication date 29/2011

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