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E. Barbería*, A. Sanz Coarasa*, A. Hernández*, C. Cardoso-Silva**
Regional Odontodysplasia. A literature review and three case reports
- Publication date /1/2012
G. D'Alessandro, L. Armuzzi, G. Cocchi, G. Piana
Eruption delay in a 47 XXY male: a case report
- Publication date /1/2012
L. Favero, C. Pizzo, D. Farronato, A. Balercia, V. Favero
A new methodological and clinical approach for the treatment of upper lateral incisors agenesis: the posterior space opening
- Publication date /1/2012
R.N. Bahadure1, P. Fulzele2, N. Thosar3, G. Badole4, S. Baliga5
Conventional surgical treatment of oral mucocele: A series of 23 cases
- Publication date /1/2012
M.O. Folayan1, O.O. Bankole2, A. Osaguona3, O. Fatusi4, T. Oyedele5, M.O. Ashiwaju6
A survey of knowledge, opinion and practice of dentists, pharmacists and parents in Nigeria towards the use of sugar-free medication
- Publication date /1/2012
P. Malik*, R. Saha**, A. Agarwal***
Applicability of Demirjian’s method of age assessment in a North Indian female population
- Publication date /1/2012
T. Oliveira de Santis1, L. Jansiski Motta2, C. Cardoso Guedes3, Z. Santos Jr1, K. P. Santos Fernandes1, R. A. Mesquita Ferrari1, S. K. Bussadori1
Occlusal contact in children with Temporomandibular Disorders. A pilot study
- Publication date /1/2012
vB. Kargul*, B. Altinok*, R. Welbury**
The Effect of Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate on enamel surface rehardening. An in vitro study
- Publication date /1/2012
M. E. Odabaş*, A. Alaçam**, H. Sillelioğlu***, C. Deveci***
Clinical and radiographic success rates of mineral trioxide aggregate and ferric sulphate pulpotomies performed by dental students
- Publication date /1/2012
M. Portelli, G. Matarese, A. Militi, G. Cordasco, A. Lucchese*
A proportional correlation index for space analysis in mixed dentition derived from an italian population sample
- Publication date /1/2012
T. Tayab1, K. Rai2, A. V. Kumari3
Evaluating the physicochemical properties and inorganic elements of saliva in caries-free and caries-active children. An in vivo study
- Publication date /1/2012
T. Tayab1, K. Rai2, A. V. Kumari3
Evaluating the physicochemical properties and inorganic elements of saliva in caries-free and caries-active children. An in vivo study
- Publication date /1/2012
G. Olivi, A. Signore, M. Olivi*, M.D. Genovese
Lingual Frenectomy: functional evaluation and new therapeutical approach
- Publication date /1/2012
E. Stellini2, M. De Francesco1, S. Sivolella˛, R. Ferro1, G. Denotti3, D. Oberholtzer2, S. Mazzoleni1
Experimental evaluation of two methodologies for the restoration of crown fracture in permanent anterior teeth
- Publication date /1/2012
L. Levrini, L. Tettamanti, A. Macchi, A. Tagliabue, A. Caprioglio
Invisalign Teen for thumb-sucking management. A case report
- Publication date /1/2012
vM. Costacurta*, L. Sicuro**, L. Di Renzo***, R. Condň*, A. De Lorenzo***, R. Docimo*
Childhood obesity and skeletal-dental maturity
- Publication date /1/2012
A. Marino1, R. Ranieri2, F. Chiarotti3, M.P. Villa4, C. Malagola1
Rapid maxillary expansion in children with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS)
- Publication date /1/2012
S.A. Mani, N.A. Burhanudin, J. John
Malaysian undergraduates’ knowledge and opinions on Early Childhood Oral Health
- Publication date /1/2012
S.N. Tarmahomed Sallé, M. Boessio Vizzotto, H.E. Dias Silveira, C. Kuchenbecker Rösing*, C. Moreira Pitoni, F. Borba de Araujo
Alveolar bone height in primary dentition a radiographic evaluation related to caries lesions
- Publication date /1/2012
I.Kjćr, M. Balslev-Olesen
The primary maxillary central incisor in the Solitary Median Maxillary Central Incisor syndrome
- Publication date /1/2012

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