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I. Onisor, R. Pecie, I. Chaskelis, I. Krejci
Cutting and coagulation during intraoral soft tissue surgery using Er:YAG laser
- Publication date /1/2013
G. Falcolini
IAPD Congress
- Publication date /1/2013
S.H. Lee, N.Y. Lee
An alternative local anaesthesia technique to reduce pain in paediatric patients during needle insertion
- Publication date /1/2013
M. Bruna del Cojo, N.E. Gallardo López, M.R. Mourelle Martínez, M.J. De Nova García
Time and sequence of eruption of permanent teeth in Spanish children
- Publication date /1/2013
R.E. Tirali, S.B. Çehreli, R. Yazıcı*, Z. Yalçınkaya
Effect of two anti-erosion pastes on surface roughness of different restorative materials
- Publication date /1/2013
Y. Yilmaz, S. Keles, A. Mete
Temperature changes in the pulpal chamber and the sealing performance of various methods of direct pulp capping of primary teeth
- Publication date /1/2013
R. Grover, M. Mehra, I.K. Pandit*, N. Srivastava**, N. Gugnani*, M. Gupta*
Clinical efficacy of various root canal obturating methods in primary teeth: a comparative study
- Publication date /1/2013
A. S. Hussein*, H. F. Ghasheer*, N. M. Ramli**, R. J. Schroth***, M. I. Abu-Hassan****
Salivary trace elements in relation to dental caries in a group of multi-ethnic schoolchildren in Shah Alam, Malaysia
- Publication date /1/2013
M. Saleh*, M. Y. Hajeer**, A. Al-Jundi***
Assessment of pain and discomfort during early orthodontic treatment of skeletal Class III malocclusion using the Removable Mandibular Retractor Appliance
- Publication date /1/2013
C. Passariello, P. Gigola*
Adhesion and biofilm formation by oral streptococci on different commercial brackets
- Publication date /1/2013
A. Monaco, A. Petrucci, G. Marzo, S. Necozione, R. Gatto, F. Sgolastra
Effects of correction of Class II malocclusion on the kinesiographic pattern of young adolescents: a case-control study
- Publication date /1/2013
D. Ozdemir-Ozenen*, E. Sungurtekin*, H. Issever**, N. Sandalli*
Surface roughness of fluoride-releasing restorative materials after topical fluoride application
- Publication date 31/2013
D. Mazza*, L. Ferraris*, G. Galluccio*, C. Cavallini**, A. Silvestri*
The role of MRI and CT in diagnosis and treatment planning of cherubism: a 13-year follow-up case report
- Publication date 31/2013
V. S. Hariharan, R. V. Murali*, R. Rayen**, B.S. Kularashmi***, J. Jeevarathan****
Fracture reattachment in an immature permanent incisor with talon’s cusp. A rare case report
- Publication date 31/2013
A. Silvestrini-Biavati, F. Angiero*, A. Gambino, A. Ugolini
Do changes in spheno-occipital synchondrosis after rapid maxillary expansion affect the maxillomandibular complex?
- Publication date /1/2013
K. Emerich*, P. Wlodarczyk**, A. Ziolkowski**
Education of Sport University students regarding first-aid procedures after dental trauma
- Publication date /1/2013
R. Showkatbakhsh*, M.I. Castaldo**, A. Jamilian***, G. Padricelli**, M. Fahimi Hanzayi****, S. Cappabianca***** L. Perillo******
Treatment effects of R-Appliance and Fränkel-2 in Class II division 1 malocclusions
- Publication date /1/2013
C. Areias, B. Sampaio-Maia, V. Macho, I. Leal*, P. Melo, C. de Andrade
Does the chemistry in the saliva of Down syndrome children explain their low caries prevalence?
- Publication date /1/2013
A. Kana, I. Markou, A. Arhakis*, N. Kotsanos*
Natal and neonatal teeth: a systematic review of prevalence and management
- Publication date /1/2013
M. A. Al-Mutairi, O. A. Bawazir
Sodium Hypochlorite versus Formocresol in primary molars pulpotomies: a randomized clinical trial
- Publication date /1/2013

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