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A.E. Borgonovo*, F. Rigaldo**, R. Censi***, G. Conti**, D. Re****
Large buccal bifurcation cyst in a child: a case report and literature review
- Publication date /1/2014
V.S. Nasim*, P. Perumal**
Oral epidermoid cyst. A case report
- Publication date /1/2014
L. Ozkan*, S. Aksoy**, K. Orhan**-*****, S. Çetiner*, L.O. Uyanik***, O. Buhara***, U. Oz****
Case report: multiple keratocystic odontogenic tumour in a non-syndromal pediatric patient
- Publication date /1/2014
R. Garcia Lopes1, M. Mendes Pinto2, C. H. L. de Godoy3, L. Jansiski Motta4, C. Carvalho Bortoletto5, S. Olivan5, S. Kalil Bussadori6
Aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of child using mock-up combined with stratified technique
- Publication date /1/2014
M. Cozzani*, L. Mazzotta**, A. Caprioglio***
Bilateral cross-bite treated by repeated rapid maxillary expansions: a 17-year follow-up case
- Publication date /1/2014
K. Cantekin, G. Herdem, K. Peduk
Revascularization in an immature necrotic permanent incisor after severe intrusive luxation injury: a case report
- Publication date /1/2014
S. B. Cehreli*, R. B. Brannon**, R. J. Musselman***, R. E. Tirali*, M. Derbent****
Otodental syndrome: a case presentation in a 6-year old child
- Publication date /1/2014
G. Farronato, L. Giannini, G.Galbiati, C. Maspero
Upper midline deviation: modified Hyrax expander
- Publication date /1/2014
C. Mitsuhata, Y. Konishi, Y. Kaihara*, K. Kozai
Treatment of ectopic eruption of permanent mandibular first molars with innovative dental appliances
- Publication date /1/2014
S. Saccomanno, G. Antonini, L. D’Alatri, M. D’Angeloantonio*, A. Fiorita**, R. Deli***
Case report of patients treated with an orthodontic and myofunctional protocol
- Publication date /1/2014
G. F. Ferrazzano*, T. Cantile*, L. Roberto*, S. Baldares**, P. Manzo**, R. Martina **
An impacted central incisor due to supernumerary teeth: a multidisciplinary approach
- Publication date /1/2014
C. Pavoni, M. Mucedero, V. Paoloni, P. Cozza
Interceptive management for multiple eruption disturbances: a follow-up evaluation
- Publication date /1/2014
R. Biagi
Pulp and periodontal healing after replantation of a maxillary immature incisor: a 13-year follow-up
- Publication date /1/2014
V. Arikan, Z.K. Çelikten*, S. Sari**
Treatment of horizontal root fractured central incisors and 30 months follow up: 2 case reports
- Publication date /1/2014
G. Falcolini
Case reports have a low priority in the EJPD
- Publication date /1/2014
Y. Kaihara*, A. Katayama**, K. Ono**, M. Kurose**, K. Toma**, H. Amano***, H. Nikawa**, K. Kozai****
Comparative analyses of paediatric dental measurements using plaster and three-dimensional digital models
- Publication date /2/2014
A.T. Ulusoy, S. Bayrak, E.H. Bodrumlu
Clinical and radiological evaluation of calcium sulfate as direct pulp capping material in primary teeth
- Publication date /2/2014
D. Celli, A. Manente*, A. De Carlo*, R. Deli
Long-term stability of anterior open bite correction in mixed dentition with a new treatment protocol
- Publication date /2/2014
M.Y. Hajeer
Assessment of dental arches in patients with Class II division 1 and division 2 malocclusions using 3D digital models in a Syrian sample
- Publication date /2/2014
G.A. Scardina, A. Cacioppo, F. Seidita, G. Garofalo*, M. Lotti, P. Messina
Evaluation of gingival microcirculation in patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment: a pilot study
- Publication date /2/2014

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