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A. Giannattasio*, E. Poggi**, M. Migliorati*, P.M. Mondani*, I. Piccardo*, P. Carta***, N. Tomarchio***, G. Alberti*
The efficacy of Italian guidelines in promoting oral health in children and adolescents
- Publication date /1/2015
M. Elbay*, Ü. Şermet Elbay*, S. Yıldırım*, C. Uğurluel*, C. Kaya*, C. Baydemir**
Comparision of injection pain caused by the DentalVibe Injection System versus a traditional syringe for inferior alveolar nerve block anaesthesia in paediatric patients
- Publication date /1/2015
M. Portelli*, E. Gatto*, G. Matarese*, A. Militi*, L. Catalfamo**, E. Gherlone***, A. Lucchese***
Unilateral condylar hyperplasia: diagnosis, clinical aspects and operative treatment. A case report
- Publication date /1/2015
Pierluigi Altea
Raffaella Docimo introduces the SIOI
- Publication date /1/2015
I. Descamps, L. A. Marks
Oral health in children with Down syndrome: Parents’ views on dental care in Flanders (Belgium)
- Publication date /1/2015
A. Topaloglu-Ak, A. Aykut Yetkiner, B. Güniz Baksi*, C. Eronat
Ex vivo comparison of radiographic and electronic root canal length measurements in primary molars
- Publication date /1/2015
M. Zarow*, C. D’Arcangelo**, M. D’Amario***, G. Marzo***
Conservative approach for the management of congenital bilateral agenesis of permanent mandibular incisors: case report and literature review
- Publication date /1/2015
N. A. Mahiepala, V. L. Phan, K. D. Kieu, J. P. L. Koppen, B. H. Hussain, B. Huang*
Influencing factors of paediatric dental anxiety levels in an undergraduate dental clinic
- Publication date /1/2015
R. Havale*, B.S. Sheetal**, R. Patil***, R. Hemant Kumar****, R. T. Anegundi*****, K.R. Inushekar******
Dental notation for primary teeth: a review and suggestion of a novel system
- Publication date /1/2015
Luigi Paglia
Milan EXPO 2015:questions on diet, nutrition and dentistry
- Publication date /1/2015
S. Aboujaoude*, B. Noueiri*, R. Berbari*, A. Khairalla**, E. Sfeir*
Evaluation of a modified Pulpotec endodontic approach on necrotic primary molars: a one-year follow-up
- Publication date /1/2015
M. Paglia*, R. Crippa**, F. Ferrante***, F. Angiero***
Mucocele of the minor salivary glands in an infant: treatment with diode laser
- Publication date /1/2015
E. U. Celik*, E. Kucukyilmaz**, S. Savas**
Effect of different surface pre-treatment methods on the microleakage of two different self-adhesive composites in Class V cavities
- Publication date /1/2015
M. Bani, H. Bodur, E.G. Kapci*
Are behaviour risk factors for traumatic dental injuries in childhood different between males and females?
- Publication date /1/2015
D. Burlini*, G. Conti**, F. Amadori***, E.Bardellini***, C. De Giuli*
Management of paediatric maxillofacial fractures: conventional methods and resorbable materials
- Publication date /1/2015
P. Botero*, S. Gonzalez Ariza**, D. Meneses***, E. Zapata***, L. Gonzalo Alvarez****
Appraisal of the difference between the mesiodistal diameters of deciduous incisors and molars and permanent teeth
- Publication date /1/2015
D. Re*, G. Augusti*, D. Battaglia*, A.B. Gianně**, D. Augusti*
Is a new sonic toothbrush more effective in plaque removal than a manual toothbrush?
- Publication date /1/2015
D. Loli, M. Costacurta, P. Maturo, R. Docimo
Correlation between aerosol therapy in early childhood and Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation
- Publication date /1/2015
E. Ferrés-Amat*, I. Maura-Solivellas**, J. Prats-Armengol***, E. Ferrés-Amat****, J. Mareque-Bueno*****, E. Ferrés-Padró******
Study of the frequency, localisation and morphology of supernumerary teeth in 1960 Spanish non-syndromic paediatric patients
- Publication date /1/2015
M. Mucedero*, L. Franchi**, M.R. Ricchiuti*, P. Cozza***
Association between mesially displaced maxillary first premolars and early displaced maxillary canines
- Publication date /1/2015

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