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by S. Colombo
Focus on: Tooth-derived stem cells: update and perspectives
- Publication date /1/2016
K. Kukuła, P. Plakwicz*
Unusually intruded primary upper incisor: potential threat after 7 years of asymptomatic course. Diagnosis and treatment
- Publication date /1/2016
E. Grecchi*, A.E. Borgonovo**, D. Re***, L. Creminelli****, F. Grecchi*****
E. Grecchi*, A.E. Borgonovo**, D. Re***, L. Creminelli****, F. Grecchi***** *Trainee, Department of Oral Surgery, IRCCS Fondazione Ca’ Granda, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milan, Italy **Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Oral Surgery, Universit
- Publication date /1/2016
L. Paglia*, S. Scaglioni**, V. Torchia*, V. De Cosmi***, M. Moretti****, G. Marzo*****, M.R. Giuca******
Familial and dietary risk factors in Early Childhood Caries
- Publication date /1/2016
L. Paglia
Stem cells, a resource for patients and dentists
- Publication date /1/2016
P. Altea
Sonia Echeverria introduces the SCHOP
- Publication date /1/2016
R. Crippa* G. V. Zuccotti** C. Mantegazza**
Oral manifestations of gastrointestinal diseases in children. Part 2: Crohn’s disease
- Publication date /1/2016
V. Smaïl-Faugeron*,**,***, A. Porot**, M. Muller-Bolla***,****, F. Courson**,***
Indirect pulp capping versus pulpotomy for treating deep carious lesions approaching the pulp in primary teeth: a systematic review
- Publication date /1/2016
A. Dane*, T. Gürbüz**
Clinical evaluation of specific oral and salivary findings of coeliac disease in eastern Turkish paediatric patients
- Publication date /1/2016
N. Kumaraguru, C. Mantegazza, J. Köglmeier
A survey of oral and dental health in children on home parenteral nutrition
- Publication date /1/2016
M.E.C. Elfrink*, K. Kalin**, L.J. van Ruijven***, J.M. ten Cate****, J.S.J. Veerkamp*
MicroCT study on the enamel mineral density of primary molars
- Publication date /1/2016
K. Biondi*, P. Lorusso, R. Fastuca, A. Mangano, P. A. Zecca, M. Bosco**, A. Caprioglio, L. Levrini
Evaluation of masseter muscle in different vertical skeletal patterns in growing patients
- Publication date /1/2016
B. Latifi-Xhemajli*, J.Véronneau**, A. Begzati*, A. Bytyci***, T. Kutllovci*, A. Rexhepi*
Association between salivary level of infection with Streptococcus mutans/Lactobacilli and caries-risk factors in mothers
- Publication date /1/2016
E. Kucukyilmaz*, S. Savas**
Evaluation of shear bond strength, penetration ability, microleakage and remineralisation capacity of glass ionomer-based fissure sealants
- Publication date /1/2016
D. Hysi*, O.O. Kuscu**, E. Droboniku*, C. Toti*, L. Xhemnica*, E. Caglar**
Prevalence and aetiology of Molar-Incisor Hypomineralisation among children aged 8-10 years in Tirana, Albania
- Publication date /1/2016
MªA Mayoral Trias*, J. Llopis-Perez**, A. Puigdollers Pérez***
Comparative study of dental anomalies assessed with panoramic radiographs of Down syndrome and non-Down syndrome patients
- Publication date /1/2016
A. Silvestrini-Biavati, S. Salamone, F. Silvestrini-Biavati*, P. Agostino, A. Ugolini
Anterior open-bite and sucking habits in Italian preschool children
- Publication date /1/2016
R. Ferro*, A. Besostri*, A. Olivieri**, E. Stellini***
Prevalence of occlusal traits and orthodontic treatment need in 14 year-old adolescents in Northeast Italy
- Publication date /1/2016
L. Martens, S. Rajasekharan, R. Cauwels
Endodontic treatment of trauma-induced necrotic immature teeth using a tricalcium silicate-based bioactive cement. A report of 3 cases with 24-month follow-up
- Publication date /1/2016
C. Fernandez*, I. Descamps*, K. Fabjanska**, I. Kaschke***, L. Marks*
Treatment needs and predictive capacity of explanatory variables of oral disease in young athletes with an intellectual disability in Europe and Eurasia
- Publication date /1/2016

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