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G. Fabiani*, F. d’Apuzzo**, V. Grassia***, L. Laino****, F. Femiano*****, L. Perillo
Dentoskeletal features in mixed dentition children with displaced maxillary canines in a southern Italian population
- Publication date /1/2017
K. Seremidi*, K. Kavvadia**, K. Tosios***, A. Pandi-Tsami****
Dental intrinsic green pigmentation from primary to mixed dentition: clinical and histological findings
- Publication date /1/2017
R. Bucci*, R. Rongo*, E. Zito**, R. Valletta*, A. Michelotti*, V. D’Antò *-***
Translation and validation of the italian version of the Psychosocial Impact of Dental Aesthetics Questionnaire (pidaq) among adolescents
- Publication date /1/2017
G. Olivi*, C. Caprioglio**, M. Olivi***, M. D. Genovese***
Paediatric laser dentistry. Part 2: Hard tissue laser applications
- Publication date /1/2017
S. Cianetti*, G. Lombardo*, E. Lupatelli, S. Pagano*, I. Abraha**, A. Montedori**, S. Caruso***, R. Gatto***, S. De Giorgio****, R. Salvato****, L. Paglia*****
Dental fear/anxiety among children and adolescents. A systematic review
- Publication date /1/2017
Giuseppe Marzo
Finally in Italy the School of Specialisation in Paediatric Dentistry!
- Publication date 26/2017
Pierluigi Altea
Timothy Johnston introduces the ANZSPD
- Publication date /1/2017
S. Bagattoni, A. Sadotti, G. D’Alessandro, G. Piana
Dental trauma in Italian children and adolescents with special health care needs. A cross-sectional retrospective study
- Publication date /1/2017
G.L. Sfasciotti, G. Di Carlo, R. Marini, R. Colaci, M. Solidani, A. Polimeni
Surgical management of impacted primary teeth: report of two cases
- Publication date /1/2017
S. Cianetti*, G. Lombardo*, E. Lupatelli*, G. Rossi, I. Abraha**, S. Pagano*, L. Paglia***
Dental caries, parents educational level, family income and dental service attendance among children in Italy
- Publication date /1/2017
H.-J. Kim*-**, Y.-I. Kim***, K.-S. Min**-****
A combined approach with passive and active repositioning of a traumatically intruded immature permanent incisor
- Publication date /1/2017
Sara Colombo
Don’t wait for your baby’s birth to take care about his oral health
- Publication date /1/2017
E. Ambu, M. Fimiani, M. Vigna*, S. Grandini
Use of bioactive materials and limited fov cbct in the treatment of a replanted permanent tooth affected by inflammatory external root resorption: a case report
- Publication date /1/2017
L. Paglia
Caring for baby’s teeth starts before birth
- Publication date /1/2017
A. T. Ulusoy, E.S. Tunc, ş. Bayrak
Clinical performance of a glass ionomer sealant protected with two different resin-based agents over a 2-year follow-up period
- Publication date /1/2017
A. Caprioglio*, T. Grassi**, P. Lorusso***, R. Fastuca****, P. Lucchi*****, M. Rosa******
Cephalometric changes after headgear anchored to the deciduous second molars in the early mixed dentition
- Publication date /1/2017
P. Fernandes, J. Pinto, J. Ustrell-Torrent
Relationship between oro and nasopharynx permeability and the direction of facial growth
- Publication date /1/2017
V. Boka*-**, K. Arapostathis*, V. Karagiannis***, N. Kotsanos*, C. van Loveren**, J. Veerkamp**
Dental fear and caries in 6-12 year old children in Greece. Determination of dental fear cut-off points
- Publication date /1/2017
F. Khouja*, M. Abdelaziz*, T. Bortolotto**, I. Krejci***
Intra-pulpal and subsurface temperature rise during tooth irradiation with 808 nm diode laser: an in vitro study
- Publication date /1/2017
A. Pozos-Guillén, D. Chavarría-Bolaños*, A. Garrocho-Rangel
Split-mouth design in Paediatric Dentistry clinical trials
- Publication date /1/2017

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