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V. Quinzi*, R. Ferro**, F.A. Rizzo*, E.M. Marranzini***, F. Federici Canova****, S. Mummolo*, A. Mattei*, G. Marzo*
The Two by Four appliance: a nationwide cross-sectional survey
- Publication date /1/2018
A. Baldini*, A. Nota*, C. Santariello**, S. Caruso***, V. Assi****, F. Ballanti**, R. Gatto***, P. Cozza**
Sagittal dentoskeletal modifications associated with different activation protocols of rapid maxillary expansion
- Publication date /1/2018
E. Hazar Bodrumlu*, L. Demiriz*, S. Toprak**
Relationship between Severe Early Childhood Caries and dental development
- Publication date /1/2018
M. Igic*, R. Obradovic**, G. Filipovic***
Prevalence and progression of early childhood caries in Niš, Serbia
- Publication date /1/2018
S. Colombo*, G.F. Ferrazzano**
Dental Sealants Part 2: Who should get dental sealants and when
- Publication date /1/2018
E. Hurley, C. Stewart, C. Gallagher, M. Kinirons
Decisions on repositioning of intruded permanent incisors; a review and case presentation
- Publication date /1/2018
L. Paglia
Child abuse: Awareness is the first step to action
- Publication date /6/2018
L. Giannetti*, E. Forabosco*, E. Spinas**, D. Re***, A. Murri Dello Diago*
Single tooth anaesthesia: a new approach to the paediatric patient. A clinical experimental study
- Publication date /1/2018
S. Caruso, R. Gatto, B. Cinque, M.G. Cifone, A. Mattei
Association between salivary cortisol level and caries in early childhood
- Publication date /1/2018
P. Altea
Aleksandar Dimkov introduces the MPA
- Publication date /1/2018
B. Buldur, C. Hascizmeci, S. Aksoy, M. Nur Aydin, O.N. Guvendi
Apical extrusion of debris in primary molar root canals using mechanical and manual systems
- Publication date /1/2018
H. N. Sonbol, Z. B. Al-Bitar, A. Z. Shraideh*, M. K. Al-Omiri
Parental-caregiver perception of child oral-health related quality of life following zirconia crown placement and non-restoration of carious primary anterior teeth
- Publication date /1/2018
V. Lanteri*, A. Gianolio**, G. Gualandi***, M. Beretta
Maxillary tridimensional changes after slow expansion with leaf expander in a sample of growing patients: a pilot study
- Publication date /1/2018
A. Baldini*, A. Nota*, C. Santariello, V. Assi**, F. Ballanti, P. Cozza
A comparative assessment of changes in dental arches associated with different activation protocols of rapid maxillary expansion
- Publication date /1/2018
A.K. Bartella*, C. Lechner, M. Kamal**, J. Steegmann, F. Hölzle***, B. Lethaus***
The safety of paediatric dentistry procedures under general anaesthesia. A five-year experience of a tertiary care center
- Publication date /1/2018
M. Tomaszewski, T. Matthews-Brzozowska
The possibility of modification and improvement of dental services in Poland for children and adolescents with special emphasis on orthodontic service
- Publication date /1/2018
M. Olivi, M.D. Genovese, G. Olivi*
Laser labial frenectomy: a simplified and predictable technique. Retrospective clinical study
- Publication date /1/2018
M. F. Sfondrini**, G. Calderoni***, M. C. Vitale****, P. Gandini****, A. Scribante*
Is laser conditioning a valid alternative to conventional etching for aesthetic brackets?
- Publication date /1/2018
C. Maspero*, G. Galbiati**, L. Giannini**, G. Guenza**, L. Esposito*, G. Farronato*
Titanium TSME appliance for patients allergic to nickel
- Publication date /1/2018
F. Angiero, D. Farronato, F. Ferrante, M. Paglia, R. Crippa, L. Rufino, A. Trevisiol, R. F. Mazzola*, S. Blasi
Clinical, histomorphological and therapeutic features of the Van der Woude Syndrome: literature review and presentation of an unusual case
- Publication date /1/2018

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