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A. Garrocho-Rangel*, D. Herrera-Badillo**, I. Pérez-Alfaro*, V. Fierro-Serna*, A. Pozos-Guillén*
Treatment of ankyloglossia with dental laser in paediatric patients: Scoping review and a case report
- Publication date /1/2019
P. Altea
Interview with the expert Silvia Scaglioni
- Publication date /1/2019
L. Paglia, S. Friuli, S. Colombo, M. Paglia
The effect of added sugars on children’s health outcomes: Obesity, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Chronic Diseases
- Publication date /1/2019
B. Aidasani, M. Solanki, S. Khetarpal, S. Ravi Pratap
Antibiotics: their use and misuse in paediatric dentistry. A systematic review
- Publication date /1/2019
L. W. Ou-Yang, T. Y. Li, A. I. Tsai
Early prosthodontic intervention on two three-year-old twin girls with ectodermal dysplasia
- Publication date /1/2019
D. Cudzilo*, T. Matthews-Brzozowska*,**
Moebius syndrome: The challenge of dental management
- Publication date /1/2019
E. Lamart, M. Santagata, G. Tartaro, S. D’Amato, G. Colella
Orofacial pain evaluation in children
- Publication date /1/2019
V. Quinzi*, O. Rossi**, L. Paglia***, G. Marzo*, A. Caprioglio**
Paediatric Orthodontics Part 2: Periodontal effects of maxillary expansion on teeth in deciduous and mixed dentition
- Publication date /1/2019
P. Altea
Nicholas Gichu introduces the KAPD
- Publication date /1/2019
A. Cammarano, M. Maurici, J. Giammatteo, F. P. Cherra*, A. Capanna****, S. Giannini**, F. Scerbo*****, R. Docimo***
The civil liability of paediatric dentists in Italy. Trains of thought on novelties introduced by law n. 24/2017 (“Gelli-bianco” law)
- Publication date /1/2019
C. Maspero, G. Galbiati, E. Del Rosso, M. Farronato, L. Giannini
RME: effects on the nasal septum. A CBCT evaluation
- Publication date /1/2019
L. Paglia
The sweet danger of added sugars
- Publication date 28/2019
S. Di Vecchio*, P. Manzini**, E. Candida***, M. Gargari****
Froggy mouth: a new myofunctional approach to atypical swallowing
- Publication date /1/2019
G.F. Ferrazzano*, T. Cantile*, G. Sangianantoni*, A. Ingenito*, S. Rengo**, B. Alcidi*, G. Spagnuolo**-***
Oral health status and Unmet Restorative Treatment Needs (UTN) in disadvantaged migrant and not migrant children in Italy
- Publication date /1/2019
S. Cosola*,**-***, E. Giammarinaro*,**,***, A.M. Genovesi****, R. Pisante**, G. Poli**, U. Covani*,**, S. Marconcini*,**
A short-term study of the effects of ozone irrigation in an orthodontic population with fixed appliances
- Publication date /1/2019
T. Cutilli*, G. Coletti**, M. Walid A. Fatayer**, S. Caruso***, S. Tecco****, R. Gatto***, P. Leocata**
Very large Ameloblastic Fibroma with Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst in an 8-year-old child. Histological and immunohistochemical characterisation
- Publication date /1/2019
A. Libonati*, V. Di Taranto**, A. Mea**, E. Montemurro**, G. Gallusi**, V. Angotti**, R. Nardi**, L. Paglia***, G. Marzo****, V. Campanella**
Clinical antibacterial effectiveness Healozone Technology after incomplete caries removal
- Publication date /1/2019
M. Maroto, S. Barreiro, E. Barbería
Portland cement as pulp dressing agent in pulpotomy treatment of primary molars: a 12-month clinical study
- Publication date /1/2019
D. Olczak-Kowalczyk, M. Samul, J. Góra D. Gozdowski*, A. Turska-Szybka
Ferric Sulfate and Formocresol pulpotomies in paediatric dental practice. A prospective–retrospective study
- Publication date /1/2019
L. Paglia
Respiratory sleep disorders in children and role of the paediatric dentist
- Publication date /1/2019

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