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V. Lanteri, C. Maspero, P. Cavone, V. Marchio*, M. Farronato
Relationship between molar deciduous teeth infraocclusion and mandibular growth: A case-control study
- Publication date /1/2020
M.S. Mourad, J. Brendebach, M. Alkilzy, C. H. Splieth
Choosing a paediatric dentist: Factors influencing parents' decision
- Publication date /1/2020
E. Wuollet, B. Tseveenjav, J. Furuholm, J. Waltimo-Sirén*, H. Valen**, A. Mulic**, V. Ansteinsson***, M.-M. Uhlen***
Restorative material choices for extensive carious lesions and hypomineralisation defects in children: a questionnaire survey among Finnish dentists
- Publication date /1/2020
A. Sogukpinar*, V. Arikan**
Comparative evaluation of four endodontic biomaterials and calcium hydroxide regarding their effect on fracture resistance of simulated immature teeth
- Publication date /1/2020
A. Toratti, M.-L. Laitala, A. Kemppainen, P. Pesonen, V. Anttonen
The effect of a brief computer-assisted intervention on oral health-related behaviours among adolescents
- Publication date /1/2020
E. Meriç*, B. Bolgül**, N. Duran***, E. Ay***
Evaluation of oral streptococci in saliva of children with severe Early Childhood Caries and caries-free
- Publication date /1/2020
G.F. Ferrazzano*-**, C. Salerno**, C. Bravaccio***, A. Ingenito**, G. Sangianantoni**, T. Cantile**
Autism spectrum disorders and oral health status: review of the literature
- Publication date /1/2020
G. Begnoni1, M. Cadenas de Llano-Pérula2, C. Dellavia3, G. Willems4
Cephalometric traits in children and adolescents with and without atypical swallowing: A retrospective study
- Publication date /1/2020
L. Paglia
Children diagnosed with “ASD” are first of all … children
- Publication date 31/2020
V. Campanella*, V. Di Taranto*, M. Beretta**, S. Colombo***, G. Gallusi*
Paediatric endodontics. Part. 1: Portland Cements Apical Plug
- Publication date /9/2020
S. Acharya*, B. Singh*, B. Godhi**, S. Pandey***
How to deal and learn from the threat of COVID-19 in paediatric dentistry
- Publication date /9/2020
P. L. Altea
Interview with the expert Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti
- Publication date /9/2020
N. Carugo*, L. Paglia*, D. Re**
Pain perception using a computer-controlled anaesthetic delivery system in paediatric dentistry: A review
- Publication date /9/2020
T. König, P. Reicherts, A.s Leha*, V. Hrasky, A. Wiegand
Retrospective study on risk factors for repeated dental treatment of children under general anaesthesia
- Publication date /9/2020
F. Cázares de León, L. A. Gonzalez García, A. L. Rotter Gutierrez de Lara, N. Cruz Fierro
Reliability and validity in Mexico of the Spanish version of the Children's Fear Survey Schedule – Dental Subscale
- Publication date /9/2020
P. F. Kramer1, L. Corrêa Brusco2, M. C. Ilha3, J. Bervian2, F. Vargas-Ferreira4, C. A. Feldens1
Dental behaviour management problems and associated factors in Brazilian children
- Publication date /9/2020
B. Lewandowski1-2, D. Brzêcka1, R. Brodowski1
Surgical management of double lip: A case report
- Publication date /9/2020
A. Arslanagic-Muratbegovic, N. Markovic, A. Zukanovic, A. Tiro, V. Dzemidzic
Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: Prevalence and severity in six to nine-year-old Sarajevo children
- Publication date /9/2020
C. Grippaudo1, V. Quinzi2, A. Manai1, E.G. Paolantonio1, F. Valente3, G. La Torre4, G. Marzo2
Orthodontic treatment need and timing: Assessment of evolutive malocclusion conditions and associated risk factors
- Publication date /9/2020
The Editor In Chief and the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry
EJPD Impact Factor 2020: An extraordinary success!
- Publication date /9/2020

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