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S. Migliaccio, V. Aprile*, S. Zicari, A. Grenci
Eruption Guidance Appliance: a review
- Publication date /2/2014
M.O. Folayan*, A.F. Faponle**, E.O. Oziegbe*, A.O. Adetoye***
A prospective study on the effectiveness of ketamine and diazepam used for conscious sedation in paediatric dental patients’ management
- Publication date /2/2014
G. Falcolini
No more than 5 pages per article
- Publication date /2/2014
A. Aykut-Yetkiner*, D. Şimşek**, C. Eronat*, M. Çiftçioğlu**
Comparison of the remineralisation effect of a glass ionomer cement versus a resin composite on dentin of primary teeth
- Publication date /2/2014
T. Walia, A. A Salami, R. Bashiri, O. M Hamoodi, F. Rashid
A randomised controlled trial of three aesthetic full-coronal restorations in primary maxillary teeth
- Publication date /2/2014
J. Baginska, E. Rodakowska*, A. Kierklo
Status of occlusal surfaces of first permanent molars in 6-8-year-old children evaluated by the CAST and DMF indices
- Publication date /2/2014
A. Caprioglio *, G.S. Salone *, C. Mangano *, C. Caprioglio **, D. Caprioglio ***
Intrusive luxation of primary upper incisors and sequelae on permanent successors: a clinical follow-up study
- Publication date /2/2014
L. Savatier*, F. Curnier, I. Krejci
Micro-CT evaluation of cavities prepared with with different Er:YAG handpieces
- Publication date /2/2014
S. Caruso, F. Sgolastra, R. Gatto
Dental pulp regeneration in paediatric dentistry: the role of stem cells
- Publication date /2/2014
C. Suárez, G.S. Antonarakis, D. Pham
Occlusal characteristics in subjects with or without the ability to roll the tongue
- Publication date /2/2014
F.E. Giray, S. Peker, B. Durmus, B. Kargül
Microleakage of new glass ionomer restorative materials in permanent teeth
- Publication date /2/2014
M. B. Altarabulsi, M. Alkilzy, M.A. Petrou, C. Splieth
Clinical safety, quality and effect of resin infiltration for proximal caries
- Publication date /1/2014
F. García-Hoyos*, C. Cardoso Silva**, E. Barbería***
Renal excretion of fluoride after fluoride mouth rinses in children
- Publication date /1/2014
A. Caprioglio*, V. Conti*, C. Caprioglio**, D. Caprioglio***
A long-term retrospective clinical study on MTA pulpotomies in immature permanent incisors with complicated crown fractures
- Publication date /1/2014
D. Re, D. Augusti, G. Paglia, G. Augusti, E. Cotti*
Treatment of traumatic dental injuries: evaluation of knowledge among Italian dentists
- Publication date /1/2014
S. Bagattoni, G. D’Alessandro, A. Prete*, G. Piana, A. Pession*
Oral health and dental late adverse effects in children in remission from malignant disease. A pilot case-control study in Italian children
- Publication date /1/2014
K. Gerreth*, P. Gerreth**
Occurrence of oral trauma in young epileptic patients
- Publication date /1/2014
M. D’Attilio, D. Rodolfino, A. Filippakos, M. Saccucci*, F. Festa, D. Tripodi
Second Class Resolver: a retrospective analysis
- Publication date /1/2014
M. Unal, F. Oznurhan, A. Kapdan, S. Aksoy, A. Dürer
Traumatic dental injuries in children. Experience of a hospital in the central Anatolia region of Turkey
- Publication date /1/2014
G.M. Abbate, D. Borghi, A. Passi, L. Levrini
Correlation between un-stimulated salivary flow, pH and streptococcus mutans, analysed with real time PCR, in caries-free and caries-active children
- Publication date /1/2014

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