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E. Botzer*, V. Quinzi**, S.E. Salvati**, L. Coceani Paskay***, S. Saccomanno**
Myofunctional therapy Part 3: Tongue function and breastfeeding as precursor of oronasal functions
- Publication date 17/2021
S. Bagattoni, L. Lardani*, G. D’Alessandro, G. Piana
Oral health status of Italian children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Publication date 17/2021
N. Borrego-Martí¹, R. Peris-Corominas², I. Maura-Solivellas³, E. Ferrés-Padró4, E. Ferrés-Amat5
Hypomineralisation of second primary molars and primary canines: Prevalence and description of lesions in a population of 153 patients visited at a hospital paediatric dentistry service
- Publication date 17/2021
F. Guinot*, M. Mercadé**, L. Oprysnyk*, A. Veloso*, JR. Boj***
Comparison of active versus passive audiovisual distraction tools on children’s behaviour, anxiety and pain in paediatric dentistry: a randomised crossover clinical trial
- Publication date 17/2021
K. L. Boyd1, S. Saccomanno2, L. Coceani Paskay3, V. Quinzi2, G. Marzo2
Maldevelopment of the cranio-facial-respiratory complex: A Darwinian perspective
- Publication date 17/2021
A. Chiavaroli*¥, S. D’Ercole**¥, D. Fulco**, C. Ferrante*, G. Orlando*, L. Recinella*, D. Tripodi**
The use of customized mouthguards during the training produced protective effects on salivary factors of young athletes
- Publication date 17/2021
P. M. Marra*, L. Nucci**, A. Itro*, R. Santoro**, A. Marra*, L. Perillo**, V. Grassia**
Prevalence of retained/transmigrated permanent and persistence of primary teeth associated with odontomas in young children
- Publication date 17/2021
Y. Xie1, F. Lu3, Y. Hong3, J. He2, Y. Lin1
Revascularisation versus apexification for treatment of immature teeth based on periapical healing and root development: A systematic review and meta-analysis
- Publication date 17/2021
P. Pelagalli*, R. Gatto**, M. Moscati**
Kids Digital Crown Technique: an innovative approach to restore primary teeth
- Publication date 17/2021
H. Dag1, A. K. Fenercioglu2, E. A. Ozyildiz3, H. Karinca3, G. Can4, G. Karatekin5
Knowledge and attitudes towards oral and dental health among seventh and eighth grade students compared with their teeth examination
- Publication date 17/2021
M. Severino*, S. Caruso*, G.F. Ferrazzano**, A. Pisaneschi*, F. Fiasca*, S. Caruso*, S. De Giorgio***
Prevalence of Early Childhood Caries (ECC) in a paediatric italian population: An epidemiological study
- Publication date 17/2021
E.D. Berdouses¹, M. Michalaki², K. Tsinidou², A. Vlachou², N. Pantazis³, C.J. Oulis4
Effectiveness of fissure sealants on initial caries lesions (ICDAS 1-3) of permanent molars: A 4-year follow-up
- Publication date 17/2021
P. Altea
Interview with the expert Gianmaria Fabrizio Ferrazzano
- Publication date 17/2021
L. Paglia
Maternal and Child Dentistry: A fascinating new perspective!
- Publication date 17/2021

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