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Type:  Articles

Pubblication date:  /2/2008

Authors:  G: Falcolini

Language:  English

Publication:  European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry

Publisher:  Ariesdue Srl

Title:  Editorial:

Abstract:  We are honoured and glad to announce that the article “Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation” written in 2005 by Dr. J. Fooley and published in the past in our Journal, was translated into Russian and recently reprinted in the Russian journal “Stomatologiia” with an agreement between the two journals. In the present issue we offer our pages to authors from Albania, Italy, Mexico. Two different contributions on Rx research and diagnosis are published. The one from Mexico is a fundamental research on dry skull, which increases the scientific knowledge. The second, from Italy, is about orthodontic diagnosis, interesting for paediatric dentistry practitioners because it reports the Rx dose used for any diagnostic exam. Also interesting for paediatric dentists is establishing the Orthodontic needs as is reported in another article: deciding the timing of orthodontic therapy for children who need preventive or interceptive treatment can be sometimes a real challenge. A study on the time of teething in Italian children relates to the occlusal development, while Albanian authors describe the present state of fluoridation in their country. Both are interesting reports and compare worldwide data on the topics. Another article is on laser therapy. This technique is relatively new in Paediatric Dentistry, and often our Journal opens its pages to this subject. Regarding this study I’d like to emphasise the international cooperation between two European Faculties. Periodontal disease in children is a new entry in paediatric dental practice and the described patients were also treated by laser technique. Any new research is useful to widen our knowledge. In addition we publish a case report about numeric dental anomalies, with useful suggestions on surgical and orthodontic treatment planning. This last paper is the only case report published in this issue. Please note that our guidelines for the Authors (available in our website establishes low priority to this type of article compared to original research papers. Consequently the Authors of these contributions cannot expect a quick publication: we beg pardon for this long delay. Finally somebody asked why we decided to change the Journal colophon publishing photos of the Editorial Board. In this regard we feel that the personal knowledge increases friendship, and for the same reason we hope in the future to publish the pictures of the first-named authors.

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