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EJPD was awarded the Impact Factor

Type:  Articles

Pubblication date:  /1/2011

Authors:  G. Falcolini

Language:  English

Publication:  European Journal of Paediatic Dentistry

Publisher:  Ariesdue Srl

Title:  EJPD was awarded the Impact Factor

Abstract:  At the end of June 2011 the Journal Citation Reports published the list of Dental Journals with impact factor for the year 2010: we were honoured and thrilled to see our European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry included in the list. The Impact Factor is provided by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), which was founded by Eugene Garfield in 1960 and later acquiredby Thomson Scientific & Healthcare in1992, and is now part of the Thomson Reuters Corporation, one of the most important information agencies in the world. The Impact Factor is the recognised index of interest of the international scientific literature for published research articles, calculated by the number of citations in selected Journals. Case reports are not considered. Journal qualities to be evaluated are the following. Interest of scientific contents. Peer review. International authors. English abstracts and list of references. Citations in the Thomson Reuters database. Timely publication of issues. Please review the list of all 2010 classified Dental Journals at page 202 for a comprehensive comparative evaluation. Currently, only 4 Paediatric Dental Journals have an Impact Factor: 0.359 European Journal of P.D. (Official publication of the Italian Society, SIOI, the only Italian journal and Italian publisher of the list); 0.474 Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry (publisher: Tufts University); 1.289 International Journal of P.D. (official journal of the IAPD); 1.831 Pediatric Dentistry (the old renowned official journal of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry). It took a long time to obtain this result. It all started in 2006, when the Italian Society SIOI kept full control of the Journal, thanks to the determined action of President Roberto Gatto, Secretary Vincenzo Campanella and Treasurer Giuseppe Marzo. Subsequently, the journal has been under evaluation by Thompson Reuters and in 2010 it was awarded the Impact Factor which was to be officially announced in June 2011. Many people should be thanked for the achievment of this great result. First of all the international Editorial Board who operated to publish the Journal, including Associate, Consultant, and Assistant Editors as listed in the colophon. Among them Bruna Della Grisa deserves a special mention. In her capacity as official Journal linguist she reviewed each published article for correct use of the English language and compliance with the Journal standards. My role as Editor has been an ongoing effort to assure the timely publication of every issue (an important parameter for Impact Factor evaluation), to expand the Journal distribution in the world in order to broaden the pool of readers who could eventually cite published articles, and to select the papers according to the referees advice. Our publisher Ariesdue, in the persons of Sergio Porro, Director, who was the first to believe in the Journal, unrelentingly, and Cristina Calchera, very efficient and careful collaborator. The support of the Italian Society (SIOI) as Journal owner has been essential for continuing publication, with its subsequent Presidents Roberto Gatto, Alessandra Majorana and today Roberto Ferro with Secretary Edoardo Stellini and Treasurer Gloria Denotti. But the result could not have been reached without the attentive help of the international referees who helped to select the best articles with useful suggestions. At page 142 we thank those who have cooperated in the past years. Of course we thank all Authors who submitted valid scientific papers from every part of the globe. Surely this great result was reached with the help of all the readers who cited our articles in their research papers. And it should also be acknowledged the basic work made at the beginning by the old Italian Journal with the collaboration of Damaso Caprioglio until the first issues of the European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry under the editorship of Professor Martin Curzon. Today the second phase begins to maintain this great result and increase the Journal's ranking. It is a hard task, which we will tackle once again with the help of everybody! In the current issue we publish 11 interesting research papers and two case reports. Hopefully they will be deemed worthy of citation!

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