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Multimodal airway evaluation in growing patients after rapid maxillary expansion

Type:  Articles

Pubblication date:  /1/2015

Authors:  R. Fastuca*, M. Meneghel*, P. A. Zecca**, F. Mangano**, M. Antonello***, R. Nucera****, A. Caprioglio*****

Language:  English

Institution:  Department of Surgical and Morphological Sciences, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy *Resident, Section of Orthodontics **Research Fellow, Section of Orthodontics ***Research Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Padova, Italy ****Assistant Professor, Department of Orthodontics, University of Messina, Messina, Italy *****Chairman, Section of Orthodontics

Publication:  European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry

Publisher:  Ariesdue Srl

Keywords:  maxillary expansion, airway, polysomnography, computational fluid dynamics.

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Email:  [email protected]

Title:  Multimodal airway evaluation in growing patients after rapid maxillary expansion

Abstract:  Aim The objective of this study was to evaluate the airway volume of growing patients combining a morphological approach using cone beam computed tomography associated with functional data obtained by polysomnography examination after rapid maxillary expansion treatment. Materials and methods Study design: 22 Caucasian patients (mean age 8.3 0.9 years) undergoing rapid maxillary expansion with Haas type expander banded on second deciduous upper molars were enrolled for this prospective study. Cone beam computed tomography scans and polysomnography exams were collected before placing the appliance (T0) and after 12 months (T1). Methods: Image processing with airway volume computing and analyses of oxygen saturation and apnoea/hypopnoea index were performed. Results Airway volume, oxygen saturation and apnea/hypopnea index underwent significant increase over time. However, no significant correlation was seen between their increases. Conclusion The rapid maxillary expansion treatment induced significant increases in the total airway volume and respiratory performance. Functional respiratory parameters should be included in studies evaluating the RME treatment effects on the respiratory performance.

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